Dumping has consequences: Spring recycling guidance

  • Published
  • By Alfredo Garza
  • 2nd Civil Engineer Squadron

Every year as the weather warms up, people get in the cleaning mode.  Garages and attics are emptied to make room for new items and since the base containers are in the way to work, some people use them to dump their unwanted items.

Recently a staff sergeant made the wrong decision to use a container at the base recycling center to dump a few mattresses. Screen shots from the surveillance video were sent to the 2nd Security Forces Squadron and the Conservation Review Board. Upon reviewing the imagery and other items the sergeant was given 16 hours of community service.

“Signs at the recycling center clearly state what materials are allowed in the containers as well as what is not allowed,” said Alfredo Garza, 2nd Civil Engineer Squadron

base recycling manager. “When in doubt, I can be called at 456-5293 the number posted on every container.”

Dumping is the act of placing unaccepted items into containers or outside of containers whether they are accepted or not. Dumping has been seen everywhere on base from the Airman’s Attic, the dorms, base housing and even on Flightline Rd.

“Furniture, televisions and mattresses seem to be the most popular items dumped lately” said 1st Lt. Blake Gawlik, 2nd CES operations flight chief. “Illegal dumping of these and other items is tracked daily, and responsible individuals are identified and made to clean up their mess.”

Read and follow the guidance on the containers. If you need to recycle or dispose of a large item that is not accepted in the bins such as furniture, pallets, crates or mattresses, take them to the processing area, located next to the Recycling Center on Tuesdays from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. You can also call 456-5293 to make other arrangements.

“State fines can also be as high as $10,000 for gross littering,” said Garza.

So, the choice is yours. Recycle right the first time or redo it and pay for making the wrong decision. We all like to be at a nice clean base but it takes everyone’s efforts to keep it that way.