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Environmental Management 

Protecting the environment is one of our highest priorities and will be a major factor in decision making. We are dedicated to continual improvement of our processes to prevent and reduce waste generation.  We are committed to compliance with environmental laws and other requirements while reducing pollution at the source of generation.


Barksdale EMS Policy/ Commitment Statement

 At Barksdale Air Force Base, protecting the environment while accomplishing our mission is one of our highest priorities and is always a major factor in decision-making. We are dedicated to continual improvement of our processes to prevent and reduce waste generation and reducing pollution at the source of generation. We are committed to maintaining compliance with local, state, federal environmental laws, and other requirements through our focus on aspects that can significantly impact the environment. We are dedicated to protecting the local waterways from accidental releases of petroleum oil and lubricants (PO Ls) and Aqueous Fire Fighting Foam
(AFFF). The framework for setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets includes considering significant environmental aspects and other factors most important to the base and surrounding areas. Annually, the Environmental, Safety and Occupational Health Council will review all objectives and targets to verify progress.

a. Promote the conservation and sustainable use of natural and manmade materials.

b. Prevent environmental waste and pollution on BAFB and the surrounding local areas.

c. Continuously improve the EMS on BAFB to comply with all relevant laws, regulations, Executive Orders, DoD and Air Force policies.

d. Build environmental information into all levels of management to ensure environmental compliance.

e. Achieve continual improvements in environmental performance and maintain compliance with all federal, state, and local regulations.

f. Work in partnership with all stakeholders to promote good stewardship with base personnel, contractors, the community, and regulatory agencies.

This policy will be made available to the public and the point of contact for this program is Mr. Fred Simpson 2 CES/CEIEC, 456-4286.


Storm Water





When it rains, it POLLUTES! Every rain threatens Louisiana bayous, lakes, and rivers. Stormwater runoff erodes non-vegetated areas and picks up pollutants from impervious surfaces like oil, fertilizers, sediment, and litter into the waterways. 

These pollutants degrade Louisiana water quality, impact fish and wildlife, and litter our coastlines.

The EPA estimated that 80 percent of the nation's water pollution is caused by stormwater runoff. That's the bad news. The good news is that each of us can make a difference and Barksdale has been an exemplary environmental steward. If you properly store and use oil, reduce fertilizer application, control construction sites, and bag that trash, our water gets cleaner.  It’s easy to get out there and organize a quick litter pick up– because we all live downstream!


Recycling Information



For the Recycling program to benefit everyone, we must all recycle properly.

There are 52 brown containers in various locations on BAFB.  Only the following are allowed in the brown containers: corrugated cardboard, brown bags, office paper, junk mail, newspaper, mixed paper, magazines, catalogs, phonebooks and any other paper product.  These items need to be flattened.  Additionally, at the recycling center, we have provided three separate containers for the collection of aluminum cans, ferrous scrap metal/tin cans and glass bottles. Containers are clearly marked. Please use them properly as mixing of the items creates more work and no benefit.  Do not leave items that do not fit within the containers.


The following items are trash and not accepted in any of the recycling containers: Glass, lumber, wood, pallets, furniture, bricks, Styrofoam, scrap metal, construction debris, yard waste, ceramics, lightbulbs, mattresses, mirrors, fabrics. 


Illegal dumping at the recycling center or anywhere on base is a punishable offence. Surveillance systems are operable and individuals observed dumping will be reported to the security forces and their commanders. In addition to the base penalties, Louisiana state laws recently increased littering/dumping fines: $150.00 for first offence to $1,000.00 for the subsequent offences.


Fines for improperly disposing of larger litter, like furniture and appliances could reach up to $10,000.00.




Contact Information

Duty Hours - 7 a.m. to 4 p.m

Barksdale Rec Access

Contacts -

Kate Hasapes, Water Quality Program Manager, 318-456-2770

Clint Duke, POL and tanks Program Manager, 318-456-5256

Nicky Greer, Air Quality Program Manager, 318-456-4694

Bill Lee, Hazardous Waste Program Manager, 318-456-5273

Al Garza, Recycle and solid waste Program Manager, 318-456-5293

Fredrick Simpson, EMS Coordinator, 318-456-4286

After Hours -

Clint Duke 318-456-5256

Contractor Information

Contractors play a critical role in daily operations and therefore it is important to include them in our installation’s Environmental Management Systems (EMS).


We need to confirm that EMS is included in contract agreements; and ensure contractors are aware of base EMS policies/procedures.



Barksdale Drinking Water

2021 Barksdale Consumer Confidence Report


City of Shreveport Confidence Report

NOTE: On June 15, 2022, the Environmental Protection Agency announced an updated interim lifetime drinking water health advisory for two PFASs: PFOS at 0.02 parts per trillion (ppt) and PFOA at 0.004 ppt. These levels are a significant reduction from the May 2016 health advisories of 70 ppt, and are based on draft levels that are undergoing review by EPA's Science Advisory Board. The interim HAs are also below the current detection limits of approximately 4 ppt. The Department is evaluating changes to its drinking water treatment efforts to account for emerging science that shows potential health effects at levels lower than 70 ppt.

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