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2nd Contracting Squadron 



Accelerate global lethality through mission focused buying power.


Drive innovative contracting solutions at the speed of relevance.


Lethality & Readiness

Organizational Excellence

Airmen & Families

The 2nd Contracting Squadron provides professional operational contracting support on services, construction, and supplies to Air Force Global Strike Command, HQ Eighth Air Force, 2nd Bomb Wing, and our mission partners. The squadron is comprised of a command section, a contingency deployment cell and five flights: Services, Construction, Commodities, Medical, and Plans and Programs.

The squadron performs as a business advisor to customers on mission requirements. It provides worldwide contingency contracting support to Combatant Commanders and expeditionary warfighting units. Execute compliant contracts, develop Airmen and take care of families, continuously seek to improve contract timeliness/performance & reduce cost, provide trained/ready CCOs to COCOMs. The total amount awarded for the fiscal year ending Sept. 30, 2019, was over $47 million and $39 million in Small Business prime contracts were awarded.




Access to Barksdale AFB is limited to only those individuals with special authorization. Your contract will include information that describes the requirements for base access for your employees which may need base access to perform the requirements of your contract. If you do not have an active contract, your Barksdale POC can provide you with more information to gain temporary base access.



To allow maximum competition, all projects over $25,000 are posted on a central website, Opportunities are available for viewing under "Contract Opportunities (FBO)", and then select “Search Contract Opportunities.” Type “FA4608” in the “Keyword” field to find opportunities at Barksdale Air Base.



The Air Force GPC program uses a MASTERCARD that allows U.S. Government cardholders to make purchases up to $25,000 (certain rules apply).  To do business with our GPC cardholders, vendors must accept the MASTERCARD and be aware that the government is tax exempt (number available on request).

Command Section: 318-456-2774
Small Business Specialist: 318-456-6940
Services Flight: 318-456-3400
Commodities Team: 318-456-1353
Medical Team: 318-456-6887
Construction Flight: 318-456-6739
Government Purchase Card: 318-456-9894
Ombudsman: 318-456-6363
OSI Fraud, Waste and Abuse: 318-456-1000

2 CONS Official Mailing Address:
801 Kenney Ave, Suite 2301
Barksdale AFB, LA 71110
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