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  • Barksdale Airmen spark new idea for an adapting Air Force

    Two Barksdale Airmen were selected as winners of the STRIKEWERX Spark Sprint (S3) innovation event on Friday, Oct. 15, at the STRIKEWERX Innovation Hub in Bossier City, Louisiana.
  • 2nd SFS considers drone options for heightened security

    SUAD employment has been considered in the Air Force for many years as an alternate means for recon and surveying areas.
  • Weather Warriors: 26th OWS drives U.S. hurricane forecasts

    As hurricane season rolls around and the impending onslaught of wind and rain once again becomes part of life in the coastal regions of the United States, one unit located in the hotbed of the Gulf leads the charge in all hurricane meteorological production. Responsible for providing meteorological data for all tropical storms affecting U.S. Northern Command assets, Airmen of the 26th Operational Weather Squadron are at the heart of all hurricane operations.
  • 2nd Munitions Squadron blows away the competition

    The Air Force Global Strike Challenge exercise is designed to enhance readiness, teamwork, mission pride and competitive spirit.
  • Between 2 Buffs - Episode 7

    This month, Maj. Nicole Campbell, 2nd Operational Medical Readiness Squadron mental health flight commander, talks with Senior Airman Jessika Collie, 11th Bomb Squadron commander support staff personnelist, and Tech. Sgt. Adam Bethea, 2nd Operational Support Squadron non-commission officer in charge of aircrew flight equipment, about dealing with difficult events both in the personal and professional lives of Airmen and their families.
  • Team Barksdale promotes suicide awareness

    Barksdale Airmen run at the Laps For Life event at Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana, Sep. 17, 2021.
  • Forging the Air Force of tommorow

    The Square One Systems Design team presented their prototype to the 2nd maintenance group to get feedback on it’s performance. While revisions are expected, the team made it clear that the MHU-TSX is a step towards an automated machine that could revolutionize aircraft maintenance Air Force wide.
  • Barksdale works with Louisiana Department of Wildlife to control alligator population

    Alligators are common in the marshes of Barksdale’s eastern reservation and biannual controlled hunts ensure that their population does not get out of control.
  • 2nd AMXS loads naval mines in support of training mission

    Senior Airman William Oskay, 2nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron weapons load crew member, prepares to transfer a MK-62 Quickstrike naval mine in support of a training exercise at Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana, Aug. 25, 2021. The MK-62 mine is a shallow water aircraft laid mine used primarily against surface and subsurface water craft. (U.S.
  • How Barksdale's industrial activities affect our bayous

    Oh no! There is something in the bayou! No, we are not talking about alligators. We are talking about fuel and chemical spills. With the large amount of fuel and chemicals Airmen use to fulfill their mission, we are at risk of contaminating our air, soil, and water.

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