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  • First Step to Honing Leadership, Becoming an Effective Follower

    When I was asked to write this article, many ideas ran through my head. However, one kept coming back to me, followership. Over the years, our focus has shifted to developing leaders through various forums. As we did this, it seemed that the need for developing followers has become a second thought.
  • Building Combat Power…Together

    Last Wednesday, Aug. 26, Barksdale Air Force Base accomplished something truly significant…a display of combat power against the backdrop of an imminent natural disaster.
  • Why I am getting out of the Air Force and you shouldn't stop me

    When I first signed my name on the dotted line to serve my country, I had all these crazy, outlandish ideas of what I thought my Air Force experience was going to be. Well, spoiler alert, they didn't come to fruition, but what I got was a million times better than anything I could've ever imagined.
  • COMMENTARY: Containing the Cactus

    The cactus inside of my brain twists and tangles my thoughts as the spikes rip through my skin and contaminate my mind. The cactus is my anxiety.
  • COMMENTARY: Take care of yourself

    My college roommate once said something like, “You can’t please everybody, so you have to take care of yourself.”
  • COMMENTARY - Aquaman

    “True happiness is found along a middle road. There lies the balance and the harmony with reason and emotion not at war, but hand in hand” - Aquaman
  • COMMENTARY: The Flash

    “Life is locomotion. If you’re not moving you’re not living. But there comes a time when you’ve got to stop running away from things and you’ve got to start running towards something. You’ve got to forge ahead”. - The Flash
  • COMMENTARY: Tenacity

    “Often it is tenacity, not talent, that rules the day” Julia Cameron
  • COMMENTARY: Knowing yourself

    “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” Aristotle
  • COMMENTARY: Eight pieces of advice to military kids

    We’re put in a very unique position as the children of service members. From birth, we are part of their journey. One or both of our parents are leaders in this quest to protect our nation and aid the rest of the world. The quest requires us to move every few years to a new base where our parents learn new skills, help build up our defenses and stay on guard. On this mission, we are their companions and support team. We have a big job to do and as someone who’s been doing this job for 19 years, I’ve collected a few pieces of advice that can help make this journey easier, more enjoyable and more fulfilling.

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