• Published
  • By Chaplain (Capt.) Meade Adams
  • 2nd Bomb Wing Chapel

“True happiness is found along a middle road. There lies the balance and the harmony with reason and emotion not at war, but hand in hand” - Aquaman


Aquaman seems to have stumbled on a hidden truth: life is a balance. In all things there is balance. In each of us is the conflict between reason and emotion. Our minds tell us one thing, our hearts tell us another. Our feelings pull us one way, our rationalism pulls us another way. This is human nature. The question becomes how do we achieve a perfect balance between these two sides of ourselves? I don’t know if a “perfect” balance is possible. On any given day, at any given moment we are usually pulled in one direction or another. Sometimes we more dominated by our feelings and other times we are more dominated by our reason.

One of the main ways to achieve balance is to be aware of which side is ruling us at the moment. Be cognizant of when our feelings are dominating our reactions and our thinking and bring reason back into the mix. Be aware if we’re operating coldly from a rational perspective and bring feelings into the mix. Awareness is the first step to balance. Second, we must recognize the need. If someone were to operate 100% of the time from emotion we would say they’re unstable. On the other hand, if someone were to operate 100% of the time from a rational standpoint we would say they’re stoic and cold. We need both in our lives. The key is finding the balance between them.