COMMENTARY: Take care of yourself

  • Published
  • By Chaplain (Capt.) Meade Adams
  • 2nd Bomb Wing Chapel

My college roommate once said something like, “You can’t please everybody, so you have to take care of yourself.”

At first glance, the above quote may seem a little self-centered or narcissistic. However, I know my former roommate’s intent was not to be self-centered. It was to point out a reality of life that many never come to realize. You cannot please everybody. It is impossible. Some of you are reading this and saying, “Well duh”. But you would be surprised the number of people who are chronic people-pleasers, myself included. Some of us seek to please others to the detriment of our own self-care.

The truth is that we simply cannot please everybody. The question then becomes, are we pleasing to ourselves? Do we like ourselves? Are we comfortable in our own skin? Again, many will answer “no” to those questions. If we are answering no to those questions let’s take inventory. How can we become more comfortable in our skin? What is it we don’t like about ourselves? Let’s put in the work to address those issues. The fact of the matter is that until we like/love ourselves we will have a hard time liking/loving others. The task for us is to learn how to take care of ourselves. To learn how to care for ourselves. To learn that we are valuable and deserve to be happy as well. Do something you enjoy this weekend. Take care of yourself.