Help keep Barksdale Beautiful

  • Published
  • By Stephanie Hasapes
  • 2nd Civil Engineer Squadron

Help keep Barksdale beautiful and our waterways healthy!  Humans impact almost everything we touch.  Recreation on a lake or river is no exception.  Barksdale AFB has 5 lakes and 10 ponds on the East Reservation for recreation.  Be mindful of how your actions impact the environment.  If no trashcan is available, or the one provided is full, take your trash home with you instead of leaving it behind.  Be aware of Barksdale’s outdoor regulations.  While on Barksdale’s waterways, be sure to have a signed Natural Resources fishing pamphlet with you at all times.  This pamphlet covers the basic waterway regulations on base.  Some activities are prohibited in order to help protect our natural resources, wildlife habitat, and water quality.  These activities include no introduction of any plant or animal, no littering or dumping refuse into the water, and no launching trailered boats in Austin, Moon, or Red Horse Lakes.  In order to keep the spread of Giant Salvinia at a minimum, please check and clean your boats before launching from one waterway into another.  Barksdale’s Natural Resources Office spends $150,000 annually on controlling nuisance aquatic vegetation!


For more information, check out or contact 2 CES/CEIE at 318-456-2770 or 456-3353.  It takes the whole team to keep Barksdale clean!