Barksdale Family Housing: Hurricane Laura Update

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Dear Residents,


We wanted to send out an update on our storm preparations for Hurricane Laura.  Your Barksdale Family Housing Team is diligently working to prepare the property for you. 

  1. We are picking up sandbags today and will leave them in the parking lot at the Main Base office and the East Side office for you to pick up.  Please limit the bags you pick up as we are limited in the number we can get for you.  The base also has an area that you can make your own if you prefer near ALS. Reach out to your RSS for locations.
  2. We are coordinating with staff to ensure that they are able to properly assess damage before, during and after the storm. Remember as residents you are our eye and ears PLEASE reach out to us at 318-747-2723 if you have any damage to your home or see anything you need to report to us.  After the storm we will be out to assess and will send updates as soon as we are able. 
  3. During the storm the Maintenance Team will need to wait until they can safely travel to homes to take care of emergency work orders. 
  4. Lawn Service could be delayed due to storm clean up and weather. 
  5. We have multiple vendors on standby waiting to assist if we need them.
  6. We have several trampolines on property please ensure that they properly staked down to avoid them flying and harming property or a person.  These become very dangerous during storms.
  7. Please take the time today and tomorrow to bring trash cans back to their designated receptacles and remove loose items on your patios (front and back) until the storm subsides.  Storm drains will become compromised if trash cans are not back in place prior to the storm.  We have a team clearing storm drains of any obstructions and have devices in place to redirect water should we need to.  Security Forces will be monitoring road ways and will block off areas that are flooded.
  8. There are many ways to receive communication during emergent events.  Please review the list below and download any apps that you do not have.  We also send out updates via email.
Resource Function
Hunt Resident App You can place work orders, open it to find important notifications and events. You will need the invitation that was sent to your email(s) which has your registration code in it. If you need the email sent again, please reach out to your RSS.
USAF Connect App This is an Air Force App, you do not need to be military to download. The base my have important base information such as gate closures, water boil advisories, power/gas outage information, etc. After downloading the app, go to favorites within the app and select 2nd Bomb Wing for Barksdale's update, opt-in for notifications.
Resident Guildelines Residents should have received at move-in, these are the guidelines while living with us here at Barksdale Family Housing.
Facebook - Barksdale Family Housing Have you liked and followed us? This is almost the first place we post information, we also play virtual games and contests.
Facebook - Barksdale Air Force Base

Another great resource for base information.

Barksdale Family Housing Website Have your saved/bookmarked us to your favorites? You can also place work orders on this site:


If you have any questions please reach out to our team at: