• Winter Weather: Ice-Related Hazards

    Cold weather can be dangerous, or even deadly. The best time to prepare for severe winter weather is now, before temperatures drop significantly and staying safe and warm becomes a challenge.

  • Barksdale Halloween COVID-19 Guidance

    This year a traditional Halloween will be meshing with current COVID-19 guidance in an effort to keep our families healthy, safe, and make sure they have fun! So please check out the guidance here. Trick-or-Treating on base will be from 5:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. October 31st, 2020.

  • 2nd MUNS Airmen keep safety on target

    When a bomb hits a target, it must first go through a long process of safe transportation and close observation. Airmen from the 2nd Munitions Squadron system flight munitions control are there for the entirety of a munitions life cycle.

  • Force protection update to impact gate traffic

    A development to enhance Force Protection measures here is slated to begin Sept. 24, 2018. The project, which will be completed at west gate, is estimated to last until Oct. 12. The construction team will be updating base security by installing removable bollards.

  • Falling head over heels for safety

    Airman Stephanie Snuffy, a new electrical technician fresh from technical training school, is impatiently waiting for her supervisor to finish using a ladder so she can borrow it and replace one last burned-out fluorescent bulb in the office across the hall. After waiting several minutes, she runs