COMMENTARY: When the holidays are hard

  • Published
  • By Chaplian (Capt.) Meade Adams
  • 2nd Bomb Wing Chapel

“When life is hard, the holidays can be harder” - Unknown

It is a known fact that holidays are hard for some people. Perhaps this year brought some hard experiences into your sphere. Perhaps you have lost loved ones, friendships or perhaps this is simply your first holiday away from home. There are some that have experienced loss, grief or broken relationships specifically during this time of year that make the holidays difficult. For anyone that finds this time to be hard I offer three points of counsel.

First, focus on the good times. Everybody has at least one holiday season that holds a positive memory for them. Even if negative experiences dominate this season for you, try to think on that good memory or on the good times. If you’ve lost a loved one this year or during this season in the past, focus on good memories during this time. Perhaps even engage in a particular tradition that they enjoyed.

Second, do something for yourself. Perhaps it’s splurging on something you’ve been wanting for a while or treating yourself to a special dinner or treat. Whatever it is, do something for yourself. Take care of yourself during hard holidays.

Last but definitely not least, please don’t spend the holidays alone. If you are staying on base and not able to go home, get together with coworkers or friends. The chapel is offering a home-cooked Christmas dinner on Christmas Day. Several commanders and squadron leaders are having Airmen over to their homes. Look for options, find someone to connect with. But please never feel like you are alone. There is always someone willing to help.