• Home Alone: Holidays in the era of COVID

    As the hustle and bustle of the holiday season builds, so can the stress of the season. Throw a wild card like COVID-19 into the mix and the times can be a lot to handle, but there is no need to handle it alone.

  • Sensory Santa comes to Barksdale

    Every winter, millions of kids across America celebrate the holiday season with family and friends. Some go ice skating, others make gingerbread homes and many visit Santa to reveal what they want for Christmas. Seeing Santa has become an American tradition that usually results in a picture-perfect

  • COMMENTARY: When the holidays are hard

    “When life is hard, the holidays can be harder” - Unknown It is a known fact that holidays are hard for some people. Perhaps this year brought some hard experiences into your sphere.

  • AFE sleigh the mission

    It’s that time of year when Santa needs to don his notorious red hat as he prepares to fly world wide. Just as Santa needs his hat, the pilots need their helmets.

  • COMMENTARY: Giving

    It is the season of giving and receiving, although I suspect most people around the country are focused on receiving.