Kindness creates Diamond Sharp Airman

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Lillian Miller
  • 2nd Bomb Wing Public Affairs
Leaders from the community, squadron and bomb wing congratulated the Airman who had just won the Diamond Sharp Award for the month of November thanks to a small act of kindness.

Tech. Sgt. LaRon Strong, 2nd Operations Support Squadron aircraft support section chief, saw an Airman in need during the November Diamond Sharp Award board. Strong was preparing his own Airman, when another competitor entered the room alone.

“I already coached my troop and we were waiting for the board to kick off,” Strong said. “All of the other Airmen started to file in when I noticed an Airman in need.”

Senior Airman Spencer Wiesner, 2nd Munitions Squadron line delivery chief, didn’t have anyone there to act as a supervisor.

“It was a very busy day for the shop,” Wiesner said. “My supervisor asked if he was needed at the board. I said ‘no’ because there was a lot of work to be done and the mission always comes first. When I walked into the waiting room for the board, everyone had at least one person there looking them over and calming their nerves. I was a bit overwhelmed.”

Strong asked Wiesner if his supervisor was coming and when he answered no, Strong sprang into action. He started looking over his uniform and making sure Wiesner was ready to compete.

“They called the first Airman to see the board and it was Wiesner,” Strong said. “I decided to go in with him and stand in the back. I could tell he was going to win based on the way he said the Airman’s creed. When we went to leave, one of the first sergeant’s said ‘Good job, Sergeant Strong.’ I told him I couldn’t take credit for this Airman. He was just out there without a supervisor and I wanted to help him out.”

Strong was not obligated to step in and neither were any of the other supervisors. Thanks to his help, Wiesner won the DSA for the month of November.

“It was his help that calmed my nerves and what I really think gave me the extra edge to win. It is NCOs like Strong, who go above and beyond to make me want to pursue a 20 year career in the Air Force,” Wiesner said.

The efforts of Strong allowed Wiesner to return to his shop to teach his fellow Airmen what he learned from Strong. This will allow the kindness to continue.