Barksdale updates handgun policy

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  • By 2nd Bomb Wing Public Affairs
  • 2nd Bomb Wing Public Affairs

Barksdale’s policy on personal firearms has been updated to provide flexibility in the storage and transportation of these weapons while on base.

Base patrons with a Department of Defense or Common Access Card, and a valid and current concealed handgun license (CHL), or a reciprocating state’s concealed carry license (CCL), can transport and provisionally store personal firearms in privately owned vehicles. The policy still prohibits carrying and concealing any firearm in clothing on any part of the body or other concealment methods within Barksdale.

The special carry card is no longer required and a properly credentialed individual transporting a personal firearm will not need to declare the weapon when entering Barksdale, but other conditions will apply to ensure the safety of the individual, base personnel and security forces Airmen.

“Per the policy as long as members have a Louisiana Concealed Handgun License or reciprocating state concealed carry license they are good to go,” said Maj. Lidia Iyassu, 2nd SFS commander. “Members will only be required to identify [that they have a weapon] when approached by a Defender during a traffic stop or during a security forces engagement.”

According to Louisiana state law (La. R.S. § 40:1379.3), the legal definition of a handgun as applied to base policy is “a type of firearm commonly referred to as a pistol or revolver originally designed to be fired by the use of a single hand and which is designed to fire or is capable of firing fixed cartridge ammunition. The term ‘handgun’ shall not include shotguns or rifles that have been altered by having their stocks or barrels cut or shortened.”

Additionally, AR pistols are not considered handguns under this policy and should be considered rifles for transport and storage.

The following conditions apply for credentialed active duty, guard, reserve, dependents, retired military personnel and DoD civilians who intend to transport and store a firearm while on Barksdale:

  • Maintain a CHL/CCL on person at all times within Barksdale and must surrender it along with valid DoD identification when requested by a member of 2nd SFS, Office of Special Investigations or other law enforcement officials.  

  • Handguns must be secured in an appropriate weapons case or vehicle compartment and may be loaded or unloaded.  

  • If stopped by SFS, OSI or other law enforcement officials, individuals will immediately reveal the presence, status, and location of the handgun and ammunition within their vehicle. 

  • Unless intending to immediately take the firearm from the vehicle to a base residence or authorized installation recreation area, individuals will not remove handguns from their vehicle within the legal boundary of Barksdale unless there is an imminent threat of serious bodily harm or death to themselves or others in their immediately vicinity.


  • At no time will anyone be permitted to self-dispatch or respond to any incident outside his or her immediate vicinity. 

  • Individuals will not be allowed to store/secure a handgun in an unattended vehicle for more than 24 hours within the legal boundary of Barksdale. 

  • Individuals residing in family/privatized housing will register privately owned firearms using AF Form 1314 when storing a handgun on the installation to include weapons stored in the armory. At a minimum, registration will consist of the name and contact information of owner; record of firearm manufacturer, model, serial number and caliber/gauge; and location where the firearm will be stored. 

  • Personnel residing in the dormitories, lodging or temporary living facilities will not be allowed to store/secure a handgun or a weapon of any type inside a dormitory or lodging rooms.  This includes any type of Arms, Ammunition, or Explosives as described in AFI 31-101, Integrated Defense.  It also includes any Illegal or Dangerous Instruments, as identified by the 2d Bomb Wing Integrated Defense Plan 31-10, Volume 2, Appendix 26 to Annex C, dated 11 September 2017, paragraph 3.B.(6-7).  2d Security Forces Squadron armory remains the mandated repository for these weapons.  

  • Private contractors, visitors and individuals with a unique, one day, or special one-time base pass will not be allowed to store handguns per this policy within Barksdale. 

  • The 2nd SFS commander reserves the right to suspend this provision based upon threat reporting or for any person found in violation of the Integrated Defense Plan.   

For more information, contact the 2nd Bomb Wing Public Affairs office at 456-1015.