Fighting for the funds

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Sydney Campbell
  • 2nd Bomb Wing Public Affairs

Mission, Airmen and pride, these three words are the 2nd Bomb Wing Commander’s priorities. What does this mean in regards to funding? How does the base receive money and where does it go?

The 2nd Comptroller Squadron builds a new budget every year in order to allocate incoming funds to align with the wing commander’s priorities.

“The budget is initiated through the annual call for the wing’s execution plan. That plan requires all groups and squadrons to identify every requirement necessary to complete the mission during the upcoming fiscal year,” said Kimberly Luce, 2nd Bomb Wing budget deputy comptroller. “After the execution plan is completed, Air Force Global Strike Command issues a funding line. If we can’t fund all of the requirements identified during the execution plan process, then the financial working group, which consist of resource advisers, meets to prioritize all of the unfunded requirements.”

The budget goes back and forth between the wing budget office and AFGSC throughout the year in order to receive the greatest amount of fund.

“The list of unfunded requirements are approved by the financial management board, which consists of the wing commander and group commanders, and forwarded to AFGSC. The major command then advocates for additional funding from the Secretary of the Air Force’s financial management office,” Luce said. “Last fiscal year, we executed more than $18 million over our budget line which included $10.3 million for mission requirements, $5.6 million for our Airmen and their families, and $2.1 million in improvements across the installation.”

There are many things that fall under the category of mission, such as new equipment, personnel, fuel, facility sustainment, training, and computer software and hardware. Facilities like the new dog park, sports field and splash park all fall under the priorities of Airmen and pride.

“Commander’s priorities come first when completing the wing’s budget,” Luce said. “First and foremost we have to take care of funding the mission and taking care of our Airmen and their families. Additionally, we take care of the requirements that make us proud to be part of the 2nd Bomb Wing. We love it when we can successfully execute funds for Team Barksdale.”

Communication is key when getting funds for the base.

“My job gets easier the better I know the base, units and programs I support,” said 1st Lt. Alexander Lindsay, 2nd BW CPTS flight commander. “If I can go into teleconferences and speak intelligently about each requirement, the better chance we have of getting the necessary funding.

“I’ll be excited when the budget bill passes,” he continued. “Once it’s passed, we can focus on executing our programs and hope to receive additional money for our unfunded requirements. This includes things like upgrading facilities, equipment and even furniture.”

The mission at Barksdale requires funds for everything. CPTS makes sure that Team Barksdale has what it needs to it can continue to fight anytime, anywhere.