Barksdale set to celebrate 70th Air Force Birthday

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Curt Beach
  • 2nd Bomb Wing Public Affairs

The United States Air Force will commemorate more than seven decades of air power when it turns 70 years old Sept. 18.


Team Barksdale will celebrate this milestone with an Air Force Birthday Ball, scheduled to take place Sept. 16 at 5 p.m. at the Shreveport Convention Center.


“The ball highlight’s the Air Force’s heritage and is sure to be a night of camaraderie,” said Capt. Tyler Spangler, Air Force Ball Committee co-chair. “It allows Airmen to meet people from around the base and local community who are all celebrating this momentous occasion together.”


This year’s theme is “Breaking Barriers…since 1947.”


“Through this theme, we’ll highlight those innovative events that helped the Air Force progress and become the world's most dominant Air Force,” Spangler said.

Gen. Robin Rand, commander, Air Force Global Strike Command, is scheduled to speak at the event, and music will be provided by Air Force Band of the West.


“I’m hoping to see Airmen from all agencies in attendance because this is a chance to honor their military service,” said Staff Sgt. Jason Garcia, Air Force Ball Committee volunteer point of contact. “They should expect to have a good time while also engaging in Air Force tradition. This is a time to reflect on the traditions and people who came before us.”


Free valet service will be available for all attendees as well as a photo booth and a party shirt competition.


Tickets are available for $22 for Tier 1 personnel and $47 for Tier 2 personnel.


Tier one consists of E-1 through E-6, GS-1 through GS-6, and guests of these ranks. Tier two consists of E-7 through E-9, O-1 through O-10, GS-7 through GS-15, contractors and guests of these personnel.


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