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Hearing the Airmen’s voice

By Airman 1st Class Tessa Corrick 2nd Bomb Wing Public Affairs

The 2nd Maintenance Squadron aircrew ground equipment flight found an innovative way for their Airmen to have more responsibility and voice their concerns by implementing an Airmen’s council.

The creation of the council was brought up by 2nd Lt. Terry Lee, 2nd MXS/AGE flight commander and Master Sgt. Saju Jose, 2nd MXS/AGE flight chief.

For Lee, having an enlisted background helped influence this idea. When he was an Airman, Lee sometimes felt like his personal opinions didn’t matter and wanted to do something to change that for his Airmen.

“They are doing the majority of the work out there,” Lee said. “Instead of not paying attention to their voice, why not get a group of sharp individuals to collectively speak for the group as a whole?”

The entire council is made up of five sections in the 2nd MXS/AGE. Each of the sections have an appointed senior airman representative. When the Airmen experience something they wish to address they go to their representative who will in turn meet with the others to determine what actions need to be taken.

“Being a representative I get to hear what the others are saying,” said Senior Airman Edward Everett, 2nd MXS aircrew ground equipment technician. “If there’s anything going on I will be able to make my section aware of it and possibly help remedy it.”

“Any type of problem being resolved, even if it’s at the lowest level, helps with the mission because it helps with morale,” he added.

Even though it is still in the early stages it has proven to be successful. At one point, senior airmen were not allowed to inventory and lock the toolboxes at the end of the day, which changed due to inputs provided through the council.

“We didn’t have very many NCOs (non-commissioned officers),” said Senior Airmen Christopher Secoy, 2nd MXS/AGE technician. “Clean up at the end of the day would take 30 minutes longer than what it was intended to take.”

Other successful examples include a recent sports day, and plans to hold a food drive for recent hurricane victims.

“We had all five of the sections come out for a big cook out and a football tournament just for AGE,” said Senior Airman Stephen Miears, 2nd MXS/AGE technician. “It was a great morale booster.”

High expectations are being held for continued success.

“If the Airmen are happy, working hard, and they feel like they’re valued we’re going to be able to do awesome things,” Lee said.