2nd Bomb Wing Staff Agency 

The 2nd Bomb Wing Staff Agencies provide command support and a wide variety of services to Barksdale Airmen, their families and civilian employees.




2nd Bomb Wing Public Affairs

MISSION: Achieve wing and MAJCOM mission objectives through planned communication.

VISION: Mission, Airmen, Families – Connected to each other and the public 


  •  Organize, train, and equip PA Airmen to accomplish the mission through communication.
  •  Provide leaders innovative, deliberate, and effective communication solutions to accomplish their missions.
  • Create sustainable communication processes to support base units and audiences.


Equal Opportunity 

MISSION: Instill and train Barksdale Air Force Base personnel on how dignity, respect and professionalism are integral in the prevention of and response to sexual assaults in the 2nd Bomb Wing and mission partners in order to enable nuclear deterrence and conventional firepower for global strike operations…anytime, anywhere.

VISION: Create and maintain environment where all victims of sexual assault report the incident with the goal of eliminating the threat of sexual assault and sexual harassment from Barksdale AFB.


  •  Availability of SAPR services 24/7/365 for Airmen and their families.
  •  Execute the mission w/in CC’s intent.
  •  Conduct quality, mission-focused training.
  •  Seek ways to improve and strengthen prevention and intervention w/in units.


  •  Commanders Support Staff: Provide guidance for victim care, reporting requirements and notification of all sexual assault incidents.
  •  Training: Provide cutting edge delivery of prevention and intervention training across installation.
  •  Collaboration: Co-Chair Case Management Group to ensure victim is receiving optimal support and information; work closely with Special Victim’s Counsel, SJA, AFOSI, commands, mental health, and civilian counterparts.
  •  Database Management: Accurately enter all data into Defense Sexual Assault Incident Database. Monitor and report on retaliation/reprisal status of all unrestricted cases.
  •  Victim Advocates Making a Difference: Trained facilitators to provide required annual training.


2nd Bomb Wing History Office 


To provide accurate and timely historical services to senior wing leadership, wing and base personnel consisting of four groups, 18 squadrons and 4,500 personnel, 20 tenant units and private/civilian sectors.

VISION: To preserve the 2 Bomb Wing’s institutional memory and its material heritage.

PRIORITIES: The History and Museums program is charged with the mission of preserving USAF history.


  • Provides historical services that meet the needs of the unit commanders and staffs.
  • Produces substantive periodic history reports concerning unit mission accomplishments and challenges.
  • Maintains a collection of historical documents and references including a complete file of the organization’s periodic histories.
  • Answers historical questions and queries for wing, base, and civilian sectors. o Coordinates on unit emblems, lineage and honors, and organizational flags and streamers.
  • Authors heritage pamphlets, studies, and monographs on topics of importance or historical significance.
  • Advises memorialization project officers on the selection of appropriate subjects and the memorialization process in accordance with current Air Force Instructions.
  • Serves as the historical advisor for historical exhibit projects and heritage displays.
  • Provides advice on history and historic context when requested by the Director, Global Power Museum or Director of Staff to ensure historical accuracy.
  • Deploys to world-wide contingency operations as directed by higher headquarters.


2nd Bomb Wing Inspector General Office

MISSION: The 2 BW IG mission is to sustain a credible Air Force IG system by ensuring a responsive Complaints Resolution Process, validating and verifying commander self-assessments are accurate and timely, and independently assessing effectiveness of subordinate units and programs.

VISION: To Strengthen and Improve the Force


1) Credible complaints resolution

2) Validate and verify unit self-assessment

3) Improve efficiency and effectiveness


Complaint Resolution

  • Manage and execute the Air Force Complaints Resolution and FWA Programs at the installation level. Operates under the “One Installation – One IG” principle (excluding AF Reserve).



2nd Comptroller Squadron 

MISSION: Provide trusted decision support and financial services to ensure nuclear deterrence, combat power, and combat support … Anytime, Anywhere!

VISION: Ready, Balanced, Better!

PRIORITIES: Build relationships, be accurate, always on time.


Look to the future and provide the warfighter the right level of support in a fiscally tight environment. Integrate info from every functional Group while providing quality advice with funding implications to the mission. Collaborate with partners for more productive cost estimation.



Judge Advocate

 The Office of the Staff Judge Advocate provides high-quality legal advice and expertise in the areas of civil law, contract law, labor law, environmental law, claims and military justice for courts-martial and non-judicial punishment actions.



The Department of Defense is unequivocal in its commitment that victims of sexual assault be protected, treated with dignity and respect, provided proper medical and psychological care, and that the perpetrators of such assaults be held accountable in accordance with recognized principles of due process and the rules of law.



Victims' Counsel

In 2013, the Air Force established the Special Victims’ Counsel (SVC) program as part of a larger initiative to ensure that victims of sexual assault receive care and support. Today, the SVC program is called the Victims’ Counsel Program.  

Plans and Programs 

MISSION: Assist 2d Bomb Wing, Mission Partner, Detachment and Receiver commanders and supervisors in guidance, coordination and process access to 2d Bomb Wing organizations, assets and personnel for effective and efficient mission accomplishment.

VISION: Maximize scheduling, programming and planning efficiencies while minimizing process redundancies, calendar conflicts and reducing program waste.


  • People – Developing professional, spiritual, mental, physical excellence
  • Mission – Resourceful scheduling, active client engagement, seamless access
  • Pride – Active mentorship on and off duty, community investment, tradition


  • Plans – Coordinates and supervises wing support plans to all tasked OPLANs, mission partners & receiver agencies.
  • Programs – Manages wing Crisis Action Team, IRF/IRT, three Special Mission interfaces, and DRRS reporting
  • Wing Gatekeeper – Oversees access to, visit vetting, review and approval for, and schedule synchronization process of 7,400 2nd Bomb Wing military personnel, 33 mission partners and 13 receiver agencies


Retiree Affairs Office

The RAO is an advisory function and is the focal point for providing information and guidance to military retirees of all services, their family members and/or survivors. Our mission is to provide a continuous update of information helpful to retirees who reside in our assigned area of responsibility.

The 2nd Medical Group and pharmacy are closed the third Wednesday of the month.

If you have questions or need information, contact the Retiree Affairs Office at 318-456-5976.

Visit Air Force Retiree Services or Social Security Administration  for more information. 

Links do not imply or constitute endorsement of commercial entities.




MISSION: Assist 2nd Bomb Wing/Mission Partner commanders and supervisors in cultivating a mission-focused safety culture and preserve combat capability through risk reduction in on- and off-duty environments enabling global strike operations…anytime, anywhere.

VISION: Minimize loss of Air Force resources and protect personnel from death, injury or occupational illness by managing risks on-duty and off-duty.


  • Execute base-wide Safety Program with wing commander’s intent
  • Assist commanders/supervisors in executing effective safety programs
  • Conduct annual inspections; provide sound risk mitigation advise to CCs
  • Investigate mishaps focusing on prevention strategies



Flight Safety
• Leads Bird and Wildlife Aircraft Strike Hazard (BASH) program minimizing threats to flight operations 
• Investigates all Flight-related mishaps that may occur on Barksdale AFB or involve aircraft assigned to Barksdale AFB
• Coordinates Mid-Air Collision Avoidance efforts with 2nd BW personnel, 307th BW personnel, transient units and local airfields

Occupational Safety
• Advises commanders and supervisors on technical directives, safety criteria and operational techniques to minimize the loss of Air Force resources and protect personnel from death, injuries or occupational illnesses by managing risks on-duty and off-duty
• Conducts mishap investigations, facility/program assessments in areas/operations focusing on mishap reduction and risk mitigation

Weapons Safety
• Administers base-wide Nuclear Surety Program encompassing 19 squadrons and 307th BW Mission Partners
• Manages base-wide Explosives/Missile Safety Programs preserving combat capability through safety oversight of stored explosives


Chaplain/Chapel Services 

MISSION: Provide spiritual care and ensure all Airmen and their families have opportunities to exercise their constitutional right to the free exercise of religion.

VISION: Developing spiritually fit Airmen to fly, fight, and win


  • Religious Freedom
  • Spiritual Care
  • Advising Leadership
  • Deliberate Development

DESIRED END STATES: Spiritually Fit Airmen, Informed Leaders, Equipped Chaplain Corps

  • Barksdale supports 2023 Black History Month

    The Barksdale African American Heritage Committee hosted a Critical Conversations panel, Feb. 24, that discussed building inter-ethnic unity from a religious perspective.

  • Winter Weather: Ice-Related Hazards

    Cold weather can be dangerous, or even deadly. The best time to prepare for severe winter weather is now, before temperatures drop significantly and staying safe and warm becomes a challenge.

  • Triad: Barksdale’s problem solvers

    Barksdale is one of the larger Air Force installations in the United States, and the Barksdale Triad is responsible for maintaining, supplying, and coordinating construction across all of it’s 22,000 acres.

  • Barksdale proclaims it’s stand against sexual assault

    April marks Sexual Assault Awareness Month in the Department of Defense. The Sexual Assault Prevention & Response (SAPR) office at Barksdale kicked off the beginning of the month with a bang, as they hosted a proclamation signing followed by a 5K run.

  • Home Alone: Holidays in the era of COVID

    As the hustle and bustle of the holiday season builds, so can the stress of the season. Throw a wild card like COVID-19 into the mix and the times can be a lot to handle, but there is no need to handle it alone.

  • SAPR hosts open house

    Barksdale’s Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) team hosted an open house Dec. 4, 2020, to introduce some new arrivals to the team including deputy sexual assault response coordinator Maj. Minde Geiger and sexual assault response coordinator Misty Talley.

  • Barksdale safely enjoys Trunk or Treat

    Members of the Barksdale community walk from car to car during the Trunk or Treat event at Barksdale Air Force Base, La., Oct. 31, 2020. The 2nd Bomb Wing chapel hosted the event to allow the Barksdale community to safely enjoy Halloween.(U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airmen Lillian Miller)

  • Barksdale Halloween COVID-19 Guidance

    This year a traditional Halloween will be meshing with current COVID-19 guidance in an effort to keep our families healthy, safe, and make sure they have fun! So please check out the guidance here. Trick-or-Treating on base will be from 5:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. October 31st, 2020.