MISSION: Assist 2nd Bomb Wing/Mission Partner commanders and supervisors in cultivating a mission-focused safety culture and preserve combat capability through risk reduction in on- and off-duty environments enabling global strike operations…anytime, anywhere.

VISION: Minimize loss of Air Force resources and protect personnel from death, injury or occupational illness by managing risks on-duty and off-duty.

  • Execute base-wide Safety Program with wing commander’s intent
  • Assist commanders/supervisors in executing effective safety programs
  • Conduct annual inspections; provide sound risk mitigation advise to CCs
  • Investigate mishaps focusing on prevention strategies


Flight Safety
• Leads Bird and Wildlife Aircraft Strike Hazard (BASH) program minimizing threats to flight operations 
• Investigates all Flight-related mishaps that may occur on Barksdale AFB or involve aircraft assigned to Barksdale AFB
• Coordinates Mid-Air Collision Avoidance efforts with 2nd BW personnel, 307th BW personnel, transient units and local airfields

Occupational Safety
• Advises commanders and supervisors on technical directives, safety criteria and operational techniques to minimize the loss of Air Force resources and protect personnel from death, injuries or occupational illnesses by managing risks on-duty and off-duty
• Conducts mishap investigations, facility/program assessments in areas/operations focusing on mishap reduction and risk mitigation

Weapons Safety
• Administers base-wide Nuclear Surety Program encompassing 19 squadrons and 307th BW Mission Partners
• Manages base-wide Explosives/Missile Safety Programs preserving combat capability through safety oversight of stored explosives


(Current as of September 2018)

Mid-Air Collision Avoidance