MISSION: Assist 2d Bomb Wing, Mission Partner, Detachment and Receiver commanders and supervisors in guidance, coordination and process access to 2d Bomb Wing organizations, assets and personnel for effective and efficient mission accomplishment.

VISION: Maximize scheduling, programming and planning efficiencies while minimizing process redundancies, calendar conflicts and reducing program waste.

  • People – Developing professional, spiritual, mental, physical excellence
  • Mission – Resourceful scheduling, active client engagement, seamless access
  • Pride – Active mentorship on and off duty, community investment, tradition



  • Plans – Coordinates and supervises wing support plans to all tasked OPLANs, mission partners & receiver agencies.
  • Programs – Manages wing Crisis Action Team, IRF/IRT, three Special Mission interfaces, and DRRS reporting
  • Wing Gatekeeper – Oversees access to, visit vetting, review and approval for, and schedule synchronization process of 7,400 2nd Bomb Wing military personnel, 33 mission partners and 13 receiver agencies


(Current as of September 2018)