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MISSION: Provide decisive legal advocacy, advice and support for Team Barksdale with uncompromising dedication and integrity. Anytime, Anywhere!

VISION: World class legal professionals leading the way in legally supporting commanders and warfighters.

PRIORITIES: Develop our personnel as Airmen and legal professionals; maintain a Positive and Professional Air Force organization; provide world class customer service.


  • Military Justice: Provide timely, robust and disinterested support to commanders. Justice is the key to discipline; without a disciplined force, we cannot accomplish the mission.
  • Legal Assistance: Air Force attorneys providing advice on personal, civil legal matters to eligible beneficiaries. Keeping Airmen mission focused and ready to deploy.
  • Operations Law: Provide comprehensive legal support to 2nd BW operations. Ensuring lawful lethality and avoiding strategic defeats.
  • General Law: Advise, advocate, negotiate and litigate in defense of Air Force interests. Preserving wing resources and commanders’ prerogatives.


  • AFGSC Legal Office of the Year (2016)
  • Grade of Excellent for AF/JAI inspection (2016)
(Current as of September 2018)

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