MISSION: The 2 BW IG mission is to sustain a credible Air Force IG system by ensuring a responsive Complaints Resolution Process, validating and verifying commander self-assessments are accurate and timely, and independently assessing effectiveness of subordinate units and programs.

VISION: To Strengthen and Improve the Force

1) Credible complaints resolution
2) Validate and verify unit self-assessment

3) Improve efficiency and effectiveness


Complaint Resolution

  • Manage and execute the Air Force Complaints Resolution and FWA Programs at the installation level. Operates under the “One Installation – One IG” principle (excluding AF Reserve).



  • Conduct an inspection plan reviewing 23 units every three years and a minimum of 9 by-law inspections annually
  • Conduct GSU inspections as requested
  • Host all external inspections to the installation


  • Execute a minimum of 12 annual exercises to increase readiness and train Airmen under a wide variety of installation and mission specific stressful situations


(Current as of January 2022)

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