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MISSION: To provide accurate and timely historical services to senior wing leadership, wing and base personnel consisting of four groups, 18 squadrons and 4,500 personnel, 20 tenant units and private/civilian sectors.

VISION: To preserve the 2 Bomb Wing’s institutional memory and its material heritage.

PRIORITIES: The History and Museums program is charged with the mission of preserving USAF history.


  • Provides historical services that meet the needs of the unit commanders and staffs.
  • Produces substantive periodic history reports concerning unit mission accomplishments and challenges.
  • Maintains a collection of historical documents and references including a complete file of the organization’s periodic histories.
  • Answers historical questions and queries for wing, base, and civilian sectors.
  • Coordinates on unit emblems, lineage and honors, and organizational flags and streamers.
  • Authors heritage pamphlets, studies, and monographs on topics of importance or historical significance.
  • Advises memorialization project officers on the selection of appropriate subjects and the memorialization process in accordance with current Air Force Instructions.
  • Serves as the historical advisor for historical exhibit projects and heritage displays.
  • Provides advice on history and historic context when requested by the Director, Global Power Museum or Director of Staff to ensure historical accuracy.
  • Deploys to world-wide contingency operations as directed by higher headquarters.

(Current as of September 2018)

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