Description of the 2nd Bomb Wing Emblem

Significance and Description

Or, in fess four aerial bombs descending bendwise sinister Azure garnished Argent on a chief engrailed Vert a fleur-de-lis White between two pallets Sable, all within a diminished bordure of the first.

In the shape of a heater-shaped shield, the emblem is divided into five perpendicular stripes. The colors of the stripes--black and primitive green--are those the Army Air Service bore during World War I. The three primitive green stripes represent the three major offensives in which the wing participated in World War I: St. Mihiel, Lorraine and Meuse-Argonne. The white fleur-de-lis at the top symbolizes France, the theater of operations for the wing's World War I achievements.

The lower portion of the shield is Air Force golden yellow, charged with four aerial bombs in ultramarine blue, not only representing the original four combatant squadrons (11th, 20th, 96th and 166th Aero Squadrons) but also suggesting the unit's present mission as a heavy bomb wing of Air Combat Command. Motto: Libertatem Defendimus (Liberty We Defend).

The original motto, Mors et Destructio (Death and Destruction), was replaced on 15 April 1940 by current motto. Emblem approved 19 January 1924 for the 2nd Bombardment Group; authorized for the wing on 10 August 1951. Emblem modified on 25 April 1968.