ADC - UIF and Control roster actions


1. You just received a Letter of Reprimand or Article 15 and your commander gave you notice that he intends to put it in an Unfavorable Information File (UIF), or he has given you notice that you will be put on the control roster for your misconduct. The purpose of this fact sheet is to explain the nature unfavorable information files and control rosters.

2. WHAT IS A UNFAVORABLE INFORMATION FILE (UIF)? A UIF is a file created under AFI 36-2907 to store information about your conduct, bearing, behavior and integrity, both on and off duty. It acts as a central repository for such information as civilian court convictions, placement in the drug abuse program, failure to pay debts, and failure to support dependents, in addition to letters of reprimand, Article 15 punishments and courts-martial. Certain information must be filed in a UIF, including Article 15 punishments that cannot be completed within 30 days. Other items are optional UIF entries. You are entitled to review your UIF, if you desire. UIF

3. HOW LONG DO THINGS STAY IN MY UIF? Table 2.1. of AFI 36-2907 governs the disposition of information in UIFs, but generally after two years, information in the UIF is destroyed. The commander can put a document into a UIF and then pull it before the required time period, if it is in the interests of the Air Force.

4. WHAT IS THE EFFECT OF A UIF? Commanders must review UIFs within 90 days of assumption of command. Also, UIFs must be reviewed when you are up for promotion, conditional reserve status, regular AF appointment, reenlistment, PCS and other administrative actions. Obviously, the conduct that earned you the UIF entry can also show up on your performance report for that period.

5. WHAT IS A CONTROL ROSTER? This is also governed by AFI 36-2907. A control roster is used by commanders for a six month observation period for individuals whose duty performance is substandard or who fail to meet or maintain AF standards of conduct, bearing or integrity on or off duty. These are members whose bearing and behavior requires special attention, observation, evaluation and rehabilitation. You cannot be put on the control roster as a substitute for more appropriate administrative, judicial or nonjudicial action. If you have been on the control roster for six consecutive months and you are not rehabilitated, more severe action must be initiated.

6. WHAT ARE THE PROCEDURES FOR CONTROL ROSTERS? You are required to be notified by your commander that your performance and behavior must improve or you will face more serious administrative action or punishment. Your commander may direct that a performance report be accomplished before entering or removing you from the control roster.

7. WHAT IS THE EFFECT OF A CONTROL ROSTER? While on the control roster, you may not be permitted to PCS, be promoted, or reenlist.

8. If you should have further questions, please feel free to call the Area Defense Counsel at