• DFAC Airmen keep the masses well-fed

    The Red River Dining Facility may not currently be bustling with crowds of dining Airmen because of social distancing and the implementation of health protection measures, but the staff is still providing top-notch service with piping hot meals to go.

  • DFAC offers new menu options for Airmen

    The Red River Dining Facility released new menu options throughout this month, designed around Airmen’s health concerns and wants.“We are trying to keep everything fresh and exciting for our Airmen,” said Greg Marciw, Sedexo executive chef at the Red River Dining Facility. “Our most popular station

  • FSS fuel Airmen

    It’s a place not often thought of as a cornerstone of a well-built, effective military. It’s a place where comradery is bolstered, bonds are formed and the weary are given respite. This place is the dining facility (DFAC). The Barksdale Air Force Base Red River Dining Facility is run by the 2nd