Second chance on the line

By Staff Sgt. Jason McCasland 2nd Bomb Wing Public Affairs

Chief Master Sgt. Brian Hornback, Air Force Global Strike Command command chief, toured the 2nd Bomb Wing where he visited the different squadrons that make up the wing March 7.

Additionally the chief got to relive his days as a junior enlisted Airman and launch the 2nd BW's former command chief, Chief Master Sgt. Larry Malcom for his fini-flight.

"I got a chance to go back to my roots and launch a B-52H," said Hornback. "My boss [Lt. Gen. James Kowalski] is an old B-52 pilot and I am an old B-52 chief. He gets to come and fly and I wanted to try my old job again."

Even though the chief hasn't worked on the flightline for more than 20 years the 2nd BW gave the command chief a chance to work with today's crew chiefs.

"This was a great experience. It feels great to do something that I enjoyed," said Hornback. "The only thing that has changed since I was on the flightline is that the crew chiefs are smarter and better looking than I was at their age. Many of the Airmen who are working this plane have a degree which is more than I had when I came in."

Even after more than two decades the B-52 can still bring a sense of pride to those who have worked with it.

"This airplane is incredible," he said. "I started on it back in 1985 and the airplane I started on is actually assigned here at the Mighty Deuce now. Coming back to rub elbows with the Airmen doing the same thing I did is incredible. It makes this old chief a happy old chief."