Bringing "That Guy" back out.

By Airman 1st Class Benjamin Raughton 2nd Bomb Wing Public Affairs

There's a guy everyone notices and no one wants to become. He's often found at parties, bars or clubs drinking excessively.

The more he drinks the more people around him are disgusted by his embarrassing antics. He just can't seem to make enough bad decisions.

"You don't want to be 'that guy' who gets in a fight or vomits on the girl he's dancing with," said Captain Michael Glotfelter, Clinical Psychologist and lead representative for the Culture of Responsible Choices, a program that aimed at reducing irresponsible drinking. "You don't want to be 'that girl' either."

"That Guy" targets binge drinking in 18 to 24-year-olds," she said. "It's different from doing briefings and commander's calls. It's more of a tactic where media is put in places people will see such as dorms, break rooms, laundry rooms, the bowling alley, and more.

"That Guy" media includes not only playing cards, drink coasters, posters and other realia, but also digital multimedia such as an interactive website, a smartphone game and a YouTube channel.

While the campaign targets a specific age group, Airmen of any age can benefit.

And not just Airmen either. "That Guy" is a Department of Defense campaign that can reach any branch of service and has already reached more than 122 installations.

"There are many avenues for getting help if Airmen have had too much to drink," she said. "If they're in the local community, they can contact Airmen Against Drunk Driving, taxi cab companies, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Treatment, Military OneSource or the Airmen and Family Readiness Center for support."

While these avenues can help Airmen who have already had too much to drink, Glotfelter offers preventative advice to keep Airmen from inebriation and becoming "that guy" and making bad decisions.

"Have a plan before you start drinking," she said. "Think about getting a designated driver, setting a drink-limit for yourself or only bring enough money to cover the drinks you're going to buy."

Here, the campaign is not about saying "don't drink." It's about using the wingman concept and making positive decisions if Airmen choose to drink. It's about being able to enjoy your beverage of choice and not turn into "That Guy."

Ultimately, it's about keeping our Airmen safe so they can continue to be productive members of the Barksdale community.