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Dec. 29, 2015

Partnership in Strength: Global Strike Airmen come together through exchange course

While standing alert in a Montana-based missile silo and flying a globe-spanning bomber assure and deter mission from Louisiana may seem to have little in common, they are united in a shared intent: defending America through deterrence.

March 13, 2015

Weapons School trains Airmen for war

Students converse in hushed whispers as they pore over a hundred details, planning the perfect strike mission deep into enemy territory.Planning sessions like these are common occurrences at the 340th Weapons Squadron, a tenant unit on Barksdale Air Force Base. The 340th WPS offers select B-52H Stratofortress instructors advanced instruction and

June 11, 2013

Dock didn't do it!

On the outside looking in, most see Dock Harris, 2nd Medical Group pharmacy volunteer, as a retiree that helps to check-in their prescriptions. No one would realize he has an incredible past serving in both the Navy and the Army Air Corps.For the past 32 years, Harris has been a fixture at the pharmacy, a volunteer job the pharmacy superintendent

April 26, 2013

Emergency management: time to prep for the worst

With temperatures rising and spring rains falling, tornadoes and other natural disasters can be far from people's minds, but when disasters strike, being prepared can help families diminish the disaster's impact. Airmen from the 2nd Civil Engineer Squadron emergency management team offer advice on "prepping for the unknown" and how to help weather

March 29, 2013

Golden: 2nd Bomb Wing celebrates 50 years

Many know April 1, brings jokes aplenty to many family, friends and co-workers but for the 2nd Bomb Wing, April 1, 1963 began a 50-year strong partnership with Barksdale.The wing transferred from Hunter Army Airfield, Ga. where it was flying B-47s and began integrating personnel and equipment of the deactivated 4238th Strategic Wing's B-52 fleet.

March 20, 2013

Bringing "That Guy" back out.

There's a guy everyone notices and no one wants to become. He's often found at parties, bars or clubs drinking excessively.The more he drinks the more people around him are disgusted by his embarrassing antics. He just can't seem to make enough bad decisions."You don't want to be 'that guy' who gets in a fight or vomits on the girl he's dancing

March 18, 2013

Joint-training brings the heat on fire readiness

A chill lingers in the air on a beautiful March morning. Suddenly, the morning calm is consumed by searing heat. A B-52H Stratofortress erupts into flames. As if coming from the mouth of a beast, tongues of fire lick at the sides of the aircraft, threatening to consume it whole.Courtesy of the United States Air Force and the Shreveport Fire

March 13, 2013

Second chance on the line

Chief Master Sgt. Brian Hornback, Air Force Global Strike Command command chief, toured the 2nd Bomb Wing where he visited the different squadrons that make up the wing March 7. Additionally the chief got to relive his days as a junior enlisted Airman and launch the 2nd BW's former command chief, Chief Master Sgt. Larry Malcom for his

March 13, 2013

FTAC gives new Airmen important life, career guidance

A single office helps first-term Airmen transition when they arrive at their first base, getting acclimated to the new surroundings and work centers can prove stressful for the new Airmen and their families.First-term Airmen coming to a new base directly from technical school immediately face certain hardships. Getting acclimated to the base, new

March 12, 2013

Retraining gives new Airmen fresh career opportunities

While many Airmen go through Basic Military Training knowing what job they will have, others come in with an open-general contract and select their job from a list of career fields they qualify for.An open-general contract allows a potential Airman to select their potential job with the understanding that priorities of the Air Force must come first