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Sept. 10, 2010

In memory of Mr. B-52

Locals in the Barksdale community regularly see B-52 Stratofortresses soaring overhead, but behind every aircraft lies an even greater story of a true American hero who brought them here and now he has passed on.Retired Maj. Gen. William E. Eubank Jr.'s military career began Feb. 21, 1936, as he entered the aviation cadet program. After earning his

Sept. 1, 2010

Serving up good conversations for 60 years

Tucked into the back of the Barksdale Club is a little bar that opens a few nights a week. An Airman will notice a placard that reads, "Charles Baker's Bar" and a tall, older gentleman, slipping into a vest covered with military pins and a few general stars. Charles W. Baker, 79, was a part of Barksdale for more than 60 years and saw several

Aug. 26, 2010

Keeping it green

In the pre-dawn darkness, hours before the hordes of Airmen arrive for their morning workouts, one small team is already hard at work ensuring the base golf course is ready for the day's patrons. William Duckworth, Fox Run golf course superintendent, leads the maintenance team that keeps the golf course in pristine condition year round. The extreme

Aug. 6, 2010

Strength in numbers: Air Force family cares for its own

After three years of marriage and their first child on the way, nothing could have prepared the Schmidt family for the news they were about to receive.Over the course of a few weeks Captain Eric Schmidt, B-52 aircraft commander and 96th Bomb Squadron B-Flight commander, found himself having trouble keeping food down, constantly feeling fatigued and

July 9, 2010

Crew chiefs keep jets flying

With tools in hand and grease under their fingernails, Senior Airman Bradly Bowen and Tech. Sgt. Jeffery Durham step out into the early morning, hazy sunlight and head toward their "office." With the temperature steadily rising into the 90's and the humidity causing beads of sweat to pour down their faces, these two dedicated crew chiefs

July 1, 2010

Barksdale pilot continues family tradition

First Lt. Daniel Welch has some big shoes to fill; four of them to be exact. Lieutenant Welch, a pilot with the 11th Bomb Squadron, will become the third consecutive generation of B-52 flight officers in his family. He knew from an early age that flying was in his blood."I decided I wanted to fly when I was pretty young, around 5 years old,"

June 25, 2010

Barksdale lifeguards save life of young boy

"It was my first day on the job--No one thinks something like this would happen. All I saw was him sinking." This is how Kasey Schluter recalls the day she and her fellow lifeguard, Jacob Navarro, saved the life of a 7-year-old boy at Barksdale's North Pool summer kick-off bash May 28. "We noticed a little boy swimming under the water and we were

June 16, 2010

‘Making rank’ has special significance for Global Strike general

When Brig. Gen. Sandra Finan held her promotion ceremony here June 15, it gave new meaning to the expression "making rank."General Finan's rank was made by her father, who crafted her metal general's stars at his home worktable. In fact, he's made one of every rank insignia for her since she made major."Knowing that Dad made the rank, it's always

June 15, 2010

Barksdale Purple Heart recipient: Road to recovery

It's been a little more than a year since the explosion in Afghanistan that changed the life of Staff Sgt. David Flowers. This time last year, he was still confined to a bed, the threat of losing his leg forefront on his mind. Today, he's able to walk on his own with the assistance of a prosthetic leg and a cane. "I haven't used a wheelchair in

June 11, 2010

BCEP: volunteers improving military children’s education

For children in military families, one of the more difficult challenges can be the many changes of schools that often come with military life. For children at Barksdale Air Force Base, there is an organization designed to help make that transition a little easier - the Barksdale Community Education Partnership, or BCEP."The BCEP is an organization