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April 23, 2012

It's Jacquie Baby!

Spectators at the 2012 Barksdale Air Force Base Defenders of Liberty Air Show were wowed by the airborne acrobatics of Jacquie Warda, better known as Jacquie B, as she pushed the limits in her Extra 300 aircraft.Warda, who has been performing aerobatics for the past 15 years, enjoys being in the cockpit as much as her fans enjoy watching her. Her

April 5, 2012

SFS encourages motorists to focus on driving

Communication is at our fingertips. From emails to entertainment, cell phones and mobile devices can do it all. But can you handle it all? When you're behind the wheel, the answer is no!Multi-tasking is great at school or in the office, but in a vehicle you should be single minded with all of your attention on the road. In 2010, there were more

March 30, 2012

Team Barksdale springs into action

With the days getting warmer and the flowers starting to bloom, spring is arriving with full force, and Team Barksdale members are able to participate in more local and nationwide activities.The 2nd Force Support Squadron's Outdoor Recreation, and Information, Tickets and Travel offices host numerous events planned for the spring and summer months

March 29, 2012

The fixer upper

A hero was born May 14, 1990. He has no special powers, no sidekick and he doesn't wear a disguise. What he does have are power tools, crew members and a U.S. Air Force uniform.Senior Airman Steven Price, 2nd Civil Engineer Squadron structural apprentice, peers off the roof of the 20th Bomb Squadron. He looks as far as his eyes can see. "I've

March 29, 2012

2 AMXS always mission ready

When most of Team Barksdale is just waking up and beginning to get ready for work, a group of dedicated Airmen have already put in a full eight-hour shift. Covered in grease, fuel and hydraulic fluid, this essential group passes the torch to the next shift in a never ending, seamless machine that keeps the B-52H Stratofortress flying day after

March 23, 2012

LITENING strikes twice

The B-52H Stratofortress has been a cornerstone of U.S. air superiority for decades. With its around-the-globe range, massive payload and intimidating appearance, the aircraft will remain in service for years to come. In order to remain relevant in today's force, the aging aircraft must periodically undergo technological upgrades. One significant

March 23, 2012

XP planning keeps Barksdale mission-ready

It's 3:17 p.m. on a Wednesday afternoon when Flight Operations receives an in-flight emergency call from an aircraft. The base fire department is alerted and prepares to depart to the scene. Security Forces personnel mount up and scramble to set up road blocks. Don't be too alarmed, this is only a drill.Training scenarios such as Major Accident

March 16, 2012

307th Bomb Wing is vital to Barksdale

Located on the south side of base and a short drive down Davis Avenue is the 307th Bomb Wing headquarters. Although locals are familiar with the 2nd Bomb Wing, 8th Air Force and Air Force Global Strike Command, not as many may know about the Airmen of the 307th BW and the capabilities they bring to the fight.The 307th is a component of the Air

March 16, 2012

Aircrew prepares B-52 for takeoff

B-52H Stratofortress aircrews spend several hours flying bomber missions around the globe. But aircrew members spend even more hours preparing for each flight.Prior to any mission, B-52H aircrews are required to follow specific guidelines and preparation steps days before the actual flight."On the day before we fly, we have a mission planning

March 16, 2012

Hidden treasures to claim

An Air Force master sergeant has hit his 20-year mark and is curious about retiree benefits in the very near future. A first-term staff sergeant will be separating and doesn't know the injuries he acquired while deployed can be filed as a veteran's disability several years down the road. A widow is unsure of her husband's financial affairs and