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July 30, 2012

Out-processing smoothly and timely

Out-processing can be a daunting task to some, but there are many units on base that help Airmen accomplish it smoothly.Airmen from the 2nd Force Support Squadron military personnel section are the first of many base agencies an out-processing Airman visits, as they are responsible for the outbound assignments for base Airmen."Outbound assignment

July 25, 2012

Supervisor of Flying ensures aircraft safety

The air traffic control tower, where Airmen manage the aircraft and airspace surrounding the base, is also the seat of a unique position known as the supervisor of flying.The SOF's role is to inform the 2nd Operations Group commander of any schedule or weather changes, responsible for the safety of on-going B-52H Stratofortress flying operations,

July 20, 2012

548th CTS provides support for Green Flag East exercise

Every month, Barksdale hosts one of the largest training exercises in the U.S. Air Force. This exercise involves the U.S. Air Force's sister services as well as the Air Forces and troops of allied countries.Green Flag East allows Airmen, Soldiers and pilots to refine their skills of calling in close air support.Before a unit arrives, Green Flag

July 20, 2012

Equipping the crew

When aircrew members take to the skies, they need much more than a working aircraft and the clothes on their back.Airmen from the 2nd Operations Support Squadron Aircrew Flight Equipment helmet shop make sure B-52H Stratofortress crew members have all the equipment necessary to deal with the rigors and risks of flying a long range bomber."We

July 13, 2012

Professional organizations improve 2nd Bomb Wing; Airmen

Acronyms are everywhere: F4AA, CGOC, 5/6, Top 3, FSC and the list goes on. To some Airmen, these acronyms only represent a mixture of numbers and letters. To others, they represent professional military organizations designed to improve social networking, inspire professional relationships and encourage wingmanship around the 2nd Bomb

July 12, 2012

B-52H Student Aviators

The 11th and 93rd Bomb Squadrons here have teamed up to train student aviators to operate the B-52H Stratofortress.In a nine month period, the 11 BS formal training unit takes new aviators and teaches them the fundamentals of the B-52H through academics and hands-on training."There are about three months of academics where we focus solely on

July 11, 2012

Eyes in the sky

Of all the intricate systems at work on a B-52H Stratofortress, perhaps none is as widely relied on and used as the avionics system.Multiple capabilities of the aircraft rely on the sensitive equipment that makes up the avionics system, and Airmen from the 2nd Maintenance Squadron Avionics Flight ensure this equipment is prepared to carry out any

July 3, 2012

MX Dirt Pilots

After a long week working on the flightline, in hangars and offices, a few of Barksdale's Airmen unwind by soaring through the Ark-La-Tex skies, but not by aircraft.The small group of Airmen 'catch some air' by hitting the local tracks on dirt bikes."There are about 10 people on base that ride," said Airman 1st Class Michael Romanyak, 2nd

June 29, 2012

No margin for error

The life of every Airman is vital to the mission, which makes protecting those lives a priority.Airmen from the 2nd Maintenance Squadron accessories flight aircrew egress are entrusted with ensuring aircrew are able to eject from an aircraft if the need arises."My job is to maintain B-52 ejection seats and hatches," said Staff Sgt. Louie Bennett, 2

June 29, 2012

Aircrews, ready to roll

The B-52H Stratofortress is known for its longevity, reliability, global reach and wide array of weaponry. However, without aircrew ready for battle, the B-52 would just be an expensive static display.Though the need for having a scheduled 24-hour alert aircrew is not often necessary, aircrews still train and prepare for alert conditions."When