COMMENTARY: Thanksgiving

  • Published
  • By Chaplain (Capt.) Meade Adams
  • 2nd Bomb WIng Chapel

As we enter upon the Thanksgiving season many of us are heading to the grocery stores, planning our meals and dishes, and gearing up to deal with family members we may or may not like. On top of that, many are scouring websites and advertisements for Black Friday deals to pad ourselves and others with things we honestly don’t need. It’s amazing that Black Friday comes one day after we sit around pretending to be thankful for what we actually have.

In the midst of all the hustle and bustle many of us forget to actually sit back, reflect and be genuinely grateful. There are so many things that we can be thankful for. Too often we spend so much time ruminating on all the things we don’t have or all the things going wrong in our lives. However, there are studies upon studies that show the physical, mental and emotional effect a spirit of gratitude can have on our lives. People who practice gratitude are more likely to be content and happy with their lives. They are likely to live longer and experience less disease and physical ailments. Obviously there are other factors that contribute to all of these things, but an attitude of gratitude and thanksgiving are definitely one of those factors.

So during this holiday season, I challenge us to stop, take a few minutes and think about what we have to be thankful for. Make a list and hang it on your mirror or refrigerator to always remind yourself that there’s always something for which to be thankful.