2nd MDG opens 24/7 appointment cancelation line

  • Published
  • By Capt. Kristine Morris
  • 2nd Medical Group
There are a number of reasons why patients may not be able to make a scheduled medical appointment.  Calling to cancel the appointment is the best way to avoid a no show and open up availability for another patient.

It is not always convenient to call during duty hours and speak to an appointment line clerk. That is why the 2nd Medical Group has added an after-hours cancelation option to their phone system.

If you need to cancel an appointment and it is not during duty hours just call the central appointment number, 318-456-6555, and follow the prompts to the appointment cancelation option.  Simply leave the following information on the voice mail: the date of the appointment, the sponsor’s last four numbers of their social security number, full name and a contact number. 

It is important to provide the contact information in the voice message in case the appointment line staff has trouble locating the appointment to be canceled. 

Please note this does not apply to dental appointments.  These must still be canceled by contacting the dental clinic during duty hours.

If a patient needs to reschedule at the same time that they are canceling they will still need to contact central appointments during duty hours so 2nd MDG staff can schedule a new appointment. 

Other ways to cancel appointments include: Tricare Online Patient Portal located at www.tricareonline.com or by responding to the Audiocare reminder that calls patients 48 hours prior to their appointment.