Protect your career, know your vape juice

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Tessa B. Corrick
  • 2nd Bomb Wing Public Affairs

A rising concern with cannabidiol hemp oil, also known as CBD, has been brought to the attention of leadership at Barksdale.


CBD is a substance that is being found in juice for vapes and electronic cigarettes.

“Even though CBD is not marijuana, it is still a Schedule One controlled substance due to the presence of hemp. It is therefore a crime punishable under Article 112a of the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice),” said Capt. Morgan Hicks, 2nd Bomb Wing assistant staff judge advocate.

The use, possession and distribution of CBD are illegal. Airmen caught with this substance will be punished accordingly.

“Legal action would likely come in the form of an Article 15 for drug use, which will likely result in reduction in rank, forfeiture of pay, extra duty, restriction to base, or any combination of those,” Hicks said. “The Article 15 would be followed up by an Administrative Discharge with the basis being drug abuse. This will either result in a discharge characterization of honorable, which is not likely, general, which is the typical characterization for one time users, or under other than honorable conditions. An Administrative Discharge is mandatory for drug abuse, unless the member can meet seven retention criteria, which is very hard to do.”

It appears that CBD has been found in a number of vape shops and vendors. The substance has also been found available online.

"We strongly advise reading the ingredients on the label, you want to know what you are buying. Most of the time, if vape oils and juices have hemp or CBD in them they will be on the front label," said Jordan Grant, Air Force Office of Special Investigations investigator. "We also strongly advise not using or taking hits of other people's vapes unless they know for sure what is in the vape."

Airmen are strongly recommended to do their research and to be aware about what they introduce into their bodies, because that knowledge can be the difference between keeping the title of Airman and losing it.