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Women’s History Month: its origin, importance

By Staff Sgt. Curtis Nailor 2nd Logisitcs Readiness Squadron


The significant roles women play in our nation cannot be ignored or overemphasized.

In fact, in many societies, women are defined as the foundation through which the social establishment is anchored.


Women's History Month, observed as March, is a historical remembrance that puts into perspective the contributions and sacrifice women have brought in society.


Women have influenced numerous changes in different disciplines such engineering, technology, and social transformation. They depict a state of resilience in line with challenges that women faced as a way of improving equitability and openness for generations. Additionally, this month also provides a platform where people can identify role models and become educated on how to ensure continued progression in the world.


The basis of Women’s History Month can be traced to the year 1981 when it was viewed as a national celebration after Congress passed it as  Public Law 97-28. Additionally, a petition was made then signed by the reigning President Ronald Regan to decree the week that started on March 7, 1982, as ‘Women’s Week.'


In 1987, Congress passed Civic Law 100-9, which outlined the month of March as Women’s History Month after being petitioned by the National Women History Project. In subsequent years, 1988-1994, more appeals were made by Congress that ensured authorization of the president to announce March as the Women’s Month, and to date, each presidents of the U.S. has followed suit.            


The national theme of Women’s History Month 2016 is “Working to form a more perfect union: Honoring women in public service and government.”  Barksdale’s AFB Women History Month Committee invites you to participate in the upcoming Women’s Health Fair, clothes donation drive for a women’s shelter, and a main event that we’ll advertise soon. Watch the base marquees and roll call for updates.