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Total Force Development Council promotes leadership in 2015

By Master Sgt. LaCreshia Trapp Barksdale Total Force Development Council

What is leadership? Leadership is something that, like integrity, your moral compass will always remain intact because effective leadership demands it. In my humble opinion leadership lives in all of us, we just need the passion to embrace it. Leadership is an inherent trait; however, it can also be a learned skill. For leadership to work, we must have the right tools and mindset. We must first become great followers before we can become great leaders. 

Simon Sinek, author of "Start with Why," said, "Great leaders don't need to act tough. Their confidence and humility serve to underscore their toughness," which clearly shows that a person must have the aptitude and mindset".

Setting the example, being out front and doing what is right are just a few of the qualities good leadership possesses. The Air Force affords all of us many opportunities to excel in leadership, but we have to step up to the challenge. Leadership surrounds us every day: in your work place, in your private organizations, in your staff meetings and in our personal lives. Did you know that Col. Kristin Goodwin, 2nd Bomb Wing commander signed the memo for the "Year of the Leader" on March 20, 2015? Your 2nd Bomb Wing has a Total Force Development Council that will be hosting and celebrating leaders throughout 2015.

We kicked off the 2015 with the Leadership Workshop in February, but there are other Year of the Leader events.
- May: A leadercast sponsored by the Chaplin Corp and Integrated Delivery Service.
- June: Staff Sgt. and Tech. Sgt. Leadership Workshop culminating with a Total Force gala at the Barksdale Club
- July and August: Author Simon Sinek Leadership Seminar
- October and November: "A Day in the Life of a Leader" dinner-theater and Literary Leadership

The Total Force Development Council also has weekly and monthly events:
Get Connected Forum - Meets Monthly
Weekly Leadership Commentary - All Ranks
Mobile Professional Development - Base Units

This is the perfect opportunity for the Total Force to sharpen leadership skills, so get out, get moving, and get connected!