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2 BW ascends into 2007 with events

By Col. Michael Shoults 2d Bomb Wing Vice Commander

If you are like me, you are walking into the New Year wondering where 2006 went. It certainly was a busy year and 2007 promises to be just as exciting.
In 2007, we have back-to-back aviation package deployments to support the Pacific Command Commander, a practice Phase I/II Conventional Operational Readiness Exercise in January and March, the Defenders of Liberty Air Show in April and two Nuclear Operational Readiness Exercises in the late summer in addition to our standard AEF rotations. Yes, the 2d Bomb Wing is busy, but we're busy because we have a very important mission ... "Exceptional warriors ready now to provide responsive, flexible and accurate bomber combat power and expeditionary combat support to warfighting commanders... Anytime... Anywhere."
The ability to flawlessly execute this mission does not come easy. It takes many hours of practice to sustain the level of excellence we have come to accept as our standard.
So as January unfolds, there are two major events we all need to focus on. Job one is getting our aviation package out the door in support of the PACOM Commander. For the past three months, the 2d Operations Group, 96th Bomb Squadron and 2d Operational Support Squadron have been running at full speed conducting spin-up training to ensure they are fully prepared to hit the ground running
when they arrive in the PACOM AOR.
This could not have occurred without the men and women of the 2d Maintenance Group who produced the sorties required to train our crews. Likewise, the 2d Mission Support Group and 2d Medical Group ensured that all the required support assets were available to get the mission done.
The mission of this aviation package is simple, but very important.
Let our would-be adversaries, allies and peer competitors know that the United States has a vested interest in that region and we are there to stay.
The second goal for January is to have a successful Phase I/II CORE. The ability to energize the entire wing and deploy our core warfighting package is a special skill set that must be fine-tuned and honed constantly or it will atrophy. I also realize there are never good times to have exercises, but that does not relieve us from
our responsibility as a wing to ensure that we can execute the full range of our missions. With that said, this exercise should be seen as an opportunity to train, to experiment
with new procedures or plans and to be innovative in order to make the 2 BW more effective in executing its mission. Then, at the conclusion of this Phase I/II CORE, you should ask yourself several yes or no questions; am I, is my flight, is my unit or group fully prepared to execute the wing mission? If you answered no to any of those questions, then ask yourself what you are going to do to fix it in order to ensure mission success.
Time and again, the men and women of the 2 BW have demonstrated their exceptional ability to execute the mission.
Often we take for granted just how good we are at executing our mission but we must never forget that our ability to achieve excellence is not achieved through luck, but through the dedication and hard work of each and every one of you.
There is no job that is insignificant or one job that is more important than the other. It's a total team effort and it's this team effort and commitment to excellence that will ensure we have a successful 2007 and keep the Mighty Deuce...Second to None!