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COMMENTARY: Personal growth, know yourself

By Chaplian, Capt. Meade Adams 2nd Bomb Wing Chapel

As we continue on the theme of personal growth, we must discuss the notion of self-mastery and self-discipline. Most of the readers of this paper are active duty or retired military and have all been through some form of military training. You know a thing or two about discipline. You are familiar with the discipline of readiness; the discipline of maintaining your focus and being aware of your surroundings. The question is how can we translate that discipline into our everyday lives? How can we move from being aware of our surroundings as it relates to military discipline to being aware of our surroundings with our families? Are we aware of the emotional surroundings of our households? Are we maintaining our focus with our kids? Are we prioritizing self-care for ourselves?

In some respects military discipline is easier than many of these things. Nobody is going to yell at us or write us up if we neglect time with our kids, they will just drift from us. No one will be there to remind you to be aware of the emotional surroundings of your spouse; you will simply look up one day and feel the distance. It all goes back to intentionality and awareness. We must keep our eyes, ears and hearts open so that we don’t miss the important things. We have to know our limits, and know ourselves. Knowing and mastering ourselves is a lifelong process. We will always be growing and evolving, but most of it we can do intentionally.