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How glorious a greeting the sun gives to the mountains

By 1st Lt. Meade Adams 2nd Bomb Wing Chapel

One often overlooked element of health is environment. How can we surround ourselves with the right people, places, and things, to help ourselves maintain a stress-free environment? One way is to spend more time in nature. Most of us have indoor jobs, many without windows. We don’t spend half the amount of time outside as our forefathers did. As a result we have become disconnected from the power that nature can have over our minds and in our bodies. Studies have been done that show that just spending time out in nature has a similar effect on the brain as meditation. Our bodies need fresh air and our minds need refreshing. Spend some time out in nature.

Second, use your senses! When thinking about creating a peaceful, stress-free environment we must utilize all of our senses. How can we utilize our sense of smell and taste and sound? Maybe a little aroma therapy, some candles or incense or essential oils can help bring that soothing, calming effect. Music is always a great way to relax and unwind or emote. And who doesn’t enjoy good food! The point is to engage our senses and create an environment around ourselves that enables us to destress, unwind and relax.