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Barksdale's privately owned firearms policy

By Staff Report 2nd Security Forces Squadron


If you are interested in bringing your privately owned firearm to Barksdale Air Force Base, there a few things you should know.  First, registration is a requirement in storing your privately owned firearms on base.  The following steps will help you in this process


  • Complete AF Form 1314.
  • Complete DD Form 2760 and attach to AF Form 1314.

  • Transport POF, AF Form 1314, and DD Form 2760 to 2 SFS Armory (bldg. 6000). 

  • 2 SFS Armory will provide a copy of the AF Form 1314.  Transport AF 1314 to your unit orderly room.

Registration of your POF is an important step in Barksdale policy.  However, there are also established guidelines when transporting your POF as well.  POFs may be transported to and from a place of residence or origination, using only the most direct route of travel, to the base skeet club, 2nd Security Forces Squadron Armory, base sporting events involving authorized firearms (i.e. hunting events/locations), or out the base gates.  Also, please notify gate guards when transporting POFs.  It is important to keep weapons and ammunition separated when transporting on the installation.  You cannot transport or carry concealed, except personnel with Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act (LEOSA) credentials.  Finally, firearms will be transported unloaded and the POF will not be readily available or within reach of vehicle occupants during transportation.  If vehicle design does not allow this, then POF must be in a locked container.


One of the authorized locations to transport is the hunting areas on the east reservation.  There are several rules to abide by in this area during hunting season.  Hunters do not need to register their weapon if they live off-base.  All deer hunters must check-in to the base natural resources facility when carrying POFs during rifle/primitive hunting season.  Unloaded POFs may be left unattended in a locked vehicle during hunting checking at Natural Resources or when someone is blood-trailing game at night.  The possession of a loaded weapon in a vehicle is prohibited.  A firearm will be considered loaded when live ammunition is in the chamber, magazine, cylinder, or clip attached to the firearm.  A muzzleloader that is capped or primed is considered loaded.  Also, weapons will not be discharged from any vehicle, i.e. firearms will not be discharged from along, or across any road open to vehicular access or within 100 feet of the centerline of any road open to vehicular access.


Transporting POFs to the installation with the above rules is authorized.  However, carrying those POFs concealed is not authorized.  Persons authorized by state law will not carry concealed firearms on base.  Exception: Personnel with Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act (LEOSA) credentials.


Storage of POFs are authorized at privatized housing or 2nd SFS Armory.  POFs will not be stored in dormitories.  Furthermore, POFs will not be carried, stored, or maintained in privately owned vehicles for personal convenience or protection while within the confines of BAFB (In regards to POFs only, vehicles are not an extension of your residence while on-base).  Moreover, temporary POF storage at the SF Armory can be utilized when firearms are purchased or received during non-duty hours until the end of the following duty day.  These firearms must be registered at the SF Armory the next duty day.  Firearms belonging to contract truck drivers, military or civilian personnel who are in TDY status, in transit, federal and civil police officers may temporarily store their firearms in the armory.  Since storage is for a temporary period, the firearms are not subject to formal registration requirements.  Receipt of all stored POFs in the 2 SFS Armory will be documented on the AF Form 1297, Temporary Issue Receipt.  The AF Form 1297 is accomplished in one original and one duplicate copy.  The original remains in the custody of the owner.  The copy remains on file in the armory.


In conclusion, it is important to know and adhere to BAFB policies (found in the base Integrated Defense Plan) concerning POF registration, transportation, hunting policies, concealed carrying, and storage.  The most important thing to remember is weapon safety.  A few weapon safety requirements are:  don’t joke or gesture with a weapon, never point a weapon at anything you don’t intend to shoot, treat every weapon as if it were loaded, never leave a weapon unsecure, and know what is behind your target.

Help keep yourself and loved ones safe and secure this hunting season--and all year round--by knowing and following Barksdale’s POF policies.