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July 19, 2011

Exercise is medicine

The Air Force is committed to encouraging physical activity for the health benefits it brings all people.In May 2008, the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Medical Association launched the first ever Exercise is Medicine Campaign. This initiative was formed to recognize, emphasize and celebrate the valuable health benefits of

July 12, 2011

‘Who cares?’

I was a first sergeant deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom a few years ago. I kept getting asked the same question every time I had to correct someone for various uniform and behavioral issues--"Who cares?""Who cares" that I haven't shaved in a couple of days; we are fighting a war here. Who cares that I am not properly wearing my Air

July 7, 2011

Am I a uniter or a divider?

In our Air Force careers, we're often reminded that we're part of a team. We all think we understand it in our own way, but how do we apply that in our daily activities? I think the real point is that we're part of a united team. So how do we demonstrate our participation in this united team in our day-to-day lives?We have often heard divisive

June 30, 2011

Energy drinks and PT: good or bad?

In today's Air Force and all throughout the military, there is a big demand on personal health and fitness. Airmen are exercising, trying to eat healthy and doing everything in an effort to get an edge on passing today's physical fitness exam. When looking for this edge, many Airmen are turning to energy drinks. The question is, are these drinks

June 23, 2011

Safety corner: remember Louisiana legal requirements for boating, personal watercraft

During the summer months it's time to get out on the lakes and have some fun. However, like any activity it needs to be done responsibly. It is also a personal responsibility to know and understand any laws that may be associated with boating and jet-skiing. The following is an excerpt of Louisiana laws that pertain to these activities.In addition

June 23, 2011

The power of teamwork

What does "teamwork" and being part of a "team" mean to you? To me, teamwork is very important and essential in achieving the most successful outcome. It's demonstrated when multiple people with different skill sets work together toward a common objective. Being part of a team not only provides us a social network, but it gives a sense of belonging

May 26, 2011

Transitioning to responsibility

Growing up, my family consisted of 12 siblings--six boys and six girls, with me as the youngest. One of my brothers is exactly 20 years my elder, with two brothers senior to him. My father was the bread winner and my mother was a housewife that seasonally worked outside the home. This was the routine until my father's death in 1969.Our loss forced

May 20, 2011

Remembering the sacrifices of those who came before us

Memorial Day is a time to remember military men and women who, in life, served our nation with honor. This Memorial Day many of us will enjoy the company of family and friends, but I'd also ask you to take time to remember our fallen and keep in your thoughts those serving overseas and on alert. As President Kennedy once said, "A nation reveals

May 20, 2011

A national day for EOD

The Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles depart "the wire" en-route to a 9-line Improvised Explosive Device call. The Joint explosives ordnance disposal Rapid Response Vehicle is tucked in behind a security element provided by the supported Army battalion. Unbeknownst to the vehicle crewmen, a violent extremist lies in wait, his hand holding

May 13, 2011

Here’s your shot: Team Barksdale and local community members photograph air show

Every year, the members of the 2nd Bomb Wing Public Affairs don their cameras, their video equipment and arm themselves with pens and paper in order to capture images from the annual air show. This year we decided to include pictures from the attendees of the air show in our documentation. Gathering photos of the air show from military and