DMBA-based supplements pulled from base shelves

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Mozer O. Da Cunha
  • 2nd Bomb Wing Public Affairs
As of October multiple workout stimulants containing DMBA, also known as AMP citrate, Pentergy, and others, has been pulled from shelves at Exchange and GNC stores on military installations.

According to the Human Performance Resource Center, service members should avoid products containing DMBA due to the fact that there is no reliable, scientific safety studies conducted on it, and its health effects are unknown.

"Although no studies have been conducted on DMBA, its chemical make-up is almost identical to that of DMAA which has already been banned by the Food and Drug Administration," said Shay McElveen, 2nd Aerospace Medical Squadron health promotion specialist. "While most of these supplements claim to help with weight loss and body sculpting, there is always the possibility of harmful effects to the body."

Products containing DMAA were implied in the death of at least two U.S. Army soldiers in 2011.

"Following reports of deaths caused by products containing DMAA the FDA led studies on the compound later banning those products," McElveen said. "Based on that decision, the Department of Defense Safety Review decided to remove the items from the shelves."

Barksdale's Health promotion specialists advise Airmen on supplement use and natural alternatives.

"Although the Health Promotion team can provide resources and references
related to the safety and efficacy of dietary supplements, we do not
support, recommend, or condone the use of dietary supplements," said Ashley Rachal, 2nd Aerospace Medical Squadron registered dietitian. "No dietary
supplement is a replacement for a nutritious diet and a well-balanced
fitness program."

Although DMAA and DMBA have been removed from base stores, products are not banned from service members, Airmen are advised on the dangers associated with its use and are provided with resources for information on dietary supplements.

For more information on health, supplements, physical activity and fitness needs contact the Health and Wellness Center at 456-8046.