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Barksdale's Mental Health Clinic offers sleep class

By Barksdale Air Force Base, La. 2nd Bomb Wing Public Affairs

The 2nd Medical Group offers a one hour sleep class that is a beginning step to addressing the many different sleep issues patrons may suffer from.

“This class is open to anybody and everybody who is less than satisfied with their sleep,” said Capt. Marc Patience, 2nd Medical Group psychologist. “We have people come in who only sleep three hours a night and we have people come in who sleep 14 hours out of the day.”

Patience believes taking a step back to review personal habits should be able to help figure out almost any sleep issue.

“Sometimes people like to jump to conclusions and throw medicine at an issue that just needs to be solved with knowledge,” Patience said. “In the sleep class we address some basic behaviors and inform people on how simple habits could make a big impact on how much sleep they get.”

While basic hygiene is often taught at a young age, sleep hygiene may be overlooked.

“Our parents teach us to brush our teeth twice a day, but never really teach us how to sleep, they just tell us to go to bed,” said Staff Sgt. Randi Sologaistoa, 2nd MG Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment NCO in-charge. “In the class, we address some sleep hygiene fundamentals. Since habits and behaviors are the foundation to sleep, knowledge really makes a big impact on the people who attend the class.”

Tips and tricks will not help sleep issues, according to Sologaistoa.

“There are a lot of little things people can do to get better sleep, but they are not impactful unless they learn everything we teach in the class,” Sologaistoa said. “Sure you may get an extra few minutes of sleep, but you’re sleep hygiene will not change unless all behaviors are met.”

The class is available every other Friday. For more information contact the mental health clinic at 456-6600.