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Advanced notifications modify assignment management system

By Airman 1st Class Tessa B. Corrick 2nd Bomb Wing Public Affairs

A modification implemented Jan. 18, 2018, to the Assignment Management System will impact enlisted members E-8 and below and officer’s O-5 and below.

The modification allows commanders and their delegates to receive early notifications of new assignments for their Airmen.

“Assignments will now go in advance to your servicing Military Personnel Flight who delivers that information to unit commanders and senior raters seven days before the official notification to Airmen,” said Maj. Gen. Brian Kelly, Air Force Personnel Center commander.

Instead of being notified of an assignment via email, commanders can inform their troops personally.

“The advanced notification will enable commanders to mentor and discuss the pros and cons of the assignment with their Airmen prior to them receiving the official notification - ultimately giving commanders more ability to influence retention,” Kelly said.

A town hall was held at Barksdale, Jan. 26, to explain the changes to base personnel.

“Here at Barksdale, our policy is going to start with an email sent to the commander, commander support staff and first sergeants about the new assignment,” said Master Sgt. Juan Sousa, 2nd Force Support Squadron career development superintendent.

The modification will help special situations in which a new assignment might not be the best option.

“If a member is going through a divorce it wouldn’t be ideal to change assignments at the same time because it can put more hardship on the family. Commanders and first sergeants can ask if it can be reconsidered,” Sousa said. “The Air Force isn’t always aware of situations such as those because there isn’t a specific process or program around to keep track of it. That’s another reason this modification was implemented.”

The modification is still under evaluation.

“While we've tested this one, I'm still sure we'll run into a few glitches or unanticipated situations. We look forward to getting feedback. This is intentionally being put in play now to impact all of our upcoming summer 2018 cycle moves,” Kelly said.

For more information visit the myPers.af.mil active duty enlisted or officer assignments pages from a CAC-enabled computer.