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Default Air Force Logo Our adversaries are watching
At the grey borders of American interests, our adversaries continually probe for any weaknesses. They watch and wait. They are always looking for a window of opportunity to influence the United States political calculus through the threat, or use, of military force. It is Team Barksdale's job to ensure that our adversaries never get that
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Default Air Force Logo Going for the gold
I've had the privilege of watching, one of the greatest sporting events of the year. Over the past two weeks, the country took to their televisions, laptops and tablets to watch the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. For 116 years, the modern Olympics have inspired many to train to become the best and dominate in their sport, to make the clutch play under
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Default Air Force Logo By the Numbers
I remember it well. Our commander called us into the Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, auditorium late one evening to make an announcement. Back home, one of our comrades in arms had died in a tragic accident. JP had gone for a motorcycle ride with a friend, another Air Force officer and by all accounts, was a safe and experienced rider, but that did
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Default Air Force Logo Leadership in Times of Austerity
What exactly is "Sequestration" and what does it mean for us here at Team Barksdale? Some of you may have heard this term, and some of you may be working in positions that know a great deal about this topic. With apologies to our Comptroller experts, my overly-simple definition is that the Department of Defense will have to share half of the
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Default Air Force Logo Leadership: commitment, honesty, courage
"Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure...than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat."-- Theodore RooseveltThis quote resonates with the same enduring spirit and drive to succeed just as it
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Default Air Force Logo Total force works
Looking back on 25 plus years of military service, it never ceases to amaze me when a plan comes together. As an Air Reserve Technician, operationally assigned to the 2nd Maintenance Group and currently filling in as the 2nd Maintenance Squadron superintendent, while still being administratively assigned to the 307th Maintenance Group, I see a
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Default Air Force Logo Sacrifice, the heart of a Core Value
We've all learned the core values of the U.S. Air Force and repeated them throughout our career; integrity first, service before self and excellence in all we do.All of these values have something at their heart which military servicemen and women understand so very well, sacrifice.Every year around Memorial Day, Independence Day and Veterans' Day,
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Default Air Force Logo Remember your heritage
Aviation was born in the minds of two brothers dreaming of what was possible. Air power was born in the minds of great military thinkers anticipating what was probable. Today's Air Force is the culmination of these tremendous dreamers and planners who set out with a goal and realized a dream. As part of that Air Force, our bomber community has a
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Default Air Force Logo Learn from the past, Invest in the future...
Future successes are a factor of present performance developed from past experience; a phrase simply, stated when put to words. But to put it into action takes on a whole new meaning. Where will you be two years, five years, or even ten years from now? No one really knows, and unless you have been hanging out and spending quality time at the palm
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Default Air Force Logo An Air Force son's question
As the father of a very bright almost 5-year-old boy, I am used to providing answers to a wide range of tough questions. Everything from "why is the sky blue?" to "how come cheetahs are so fast?" I don't think my answers are always right, but I know I nailed the answer to one of his most recent questions, " Why are we in the Air Force?"My first
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