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CPTS: It takes teamwork to make the dream work

BARKSDALE AIR FORCE BASE, La. -- The 2nd Comptroller Squadron has put in extra time to spend as much of the rest of the budget as possible for the fiscal year-end of Year Closeout, Sept. 30, 2016.

The new fiscal year begins Oct. 1 and will be the start of a new budget for Barksdale and all of the federal government. Left over funds from the previous budget won’t roll over into the new budget, so the 2nd CPTS has to use whatever is left.

“Not only do we execute the budget and do accounting for the 2nd Bomb Wing, but for Global Strike Command, 8th Air Force and the 307th Bomb Wing as well,” said Kim Luce, 2nd BW budget officer. “Forty-two percent of AFGSC funds go through our office.”

For the past six weeks the 2nd CPTS spent $18 million, about 26 percent of the total budget spent for the year. That is a big improvement from last year when they spent $11 million in the final weeks. This included new suits, helmets, communication servers and airfield and base renovations.

 “It takes teamwork from everybody,” said James Lilly, 2nd CPTS budget analyst. “It’s not just us, we make sure (other unit) requirements are met, but they need to tell us what to do so we can do our part.”

The money is also spent toward the Airmen as well. Out of the final $18 million, $5.6 million was spent to improve the library, outdoor recreation, work center upgrades and more.

With the new fiscal year beginning the 2nd CPTS can finally take a breath and relax. It will be about another year before they have to go through end of year spending again.