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2nd Bomb Wing Public Affairs

MISSION: Achieve wing and MAJCOM mission objectives through planned communication.

VISION: Mission, Airmen, Families – Connected to each other and the public 


1) Organize, train, and equip PA Airmen to accomplish the mission through communication

2) Provide leaders innovative, deliberate, and effective communication solutions to accomplish their missions.

3) Create sustainable communication processes to support base units and audiences

Office Hours

The 2nd Bomb Wing Public Affairs office is open from 0800 to 1600 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. 

On Thursday, the office is closed for training from 0800 to 1300. The Public Affairs team will be unavailable to answer calls or service walk-ins at this time. Normal office hours resume at 1300. 

Photo Studio

The photo studio is open from 0900 to 1500 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, please use the "Schedule a studio appointment" tab above. Appointments are available by a first come, first served basis.

Please limit each 30 minute session to one individual person and a singular photo service for that person. This allows the Airman on duty to best accommodate you. 

If you have a need to cancel your appointment, please call our office at 318-456-1015.

Public Affairs Sections

Command Information

  • Communicate to base audiences with our team of award-winning videographers and photojournalists to educate Airmen, families, and other base audiences through traditional print, web-based and social media outlets as well as the Roll Call.
  • Provide visual documentation for legal, security, and mission requirements.
  • Operate the region’s sole D.o.D. photo studio and produce official portraits for all military services.
  • Advance the unit’s mission through deliberate communication planning.

Media Operations

  • Engage external/commercial media to inform the American public and global citizenry about the 2nd Bomb Wing and Air Force Global Strike Command missions. 
  • Provide security and policy review for all public speeches, publications, etc.

Community Relations

  • Oversee the Honorary Commander program
  • Engage with local civic leaders and organizations (MAC, Chambers of Commerce) to connect the base and public


2nd Bomb Wing Inspector General
  • (318)-456-5049
Public Affairs
  • (318)-456-1015
Commander Action Line
  • Please Email


Tour Information

Official base tours are offered to local civic, school and youth groups to educate about the U.S. Air Force and Barksdale Air Force Base missions. Tours are available to groups of 10 to 44 people (or the passenger capacity of one commercial bus if rented by a group). Tours are only available on Fridays and are scheduled based on a first-requested, first-served basis.

Tours are free of charge. Tours can be subject to last-minute cancellations due to mission requirements and resource availability. Final confirmations will be provided two weeks prior to the tour date.

Barksdale does not offer multiple-day tours and all tours last approximately four hours. No tours will be given on weekends or federal holidays or beyond normal duty hours. Tours are generally not available to retiree groups as these groups can already access the base and to allow for educating groups unfamiliar with our mission. Exceptions to these guidelines will only occur in very rare cases.