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2nd Logistics Readiness Squadron emblem

MISSION: Provide agile logistics support…anytime, anywhere.


  • Drive 2 BW’s Mission through refined logistics capabilities and processes.
  • Train our Airmen to Fundamental Excellence; Balanced Customer Service.
  • Foster Pride throughout our work centers.
  • Taking care of our families



  • DoD National Defense Transportation Association Unit Award – 2017

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Sept. 14, 2018

A fuels family

With a large tube not easily moved from the back of the truck into a manhole in the flight line, aviation fuel is pushed out from the underground piping system beneath the base, into the truck and then into the fuel tank of the aircraft.

Jan. 20, 2016

High Octane: POL fuels the fight

In a world fueled by fossil fuels, Airmen from the 2nd Logistic Readiness Squadron petroleum, oils and lubricants distribution flight function as the heart of Barksdale AFB pumping the blood needed to accomplish the mission.