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Taking out the Trash: Spring Cleaning at Barksdale

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Mozer O. Da Cunha
  • 2nd Bomb Wing Public Affairs
It’s springtime at Barksdale and with the new season comes fresh changes, such as warmer weather, rainfall, and flourishing flora and fauna canvasing the base with color, renewing its beauty. For some, part of the renewal process involves spring cleaning.

Spring cleaning is a time to empty the garage, unclutter the attic and disposing of unwanted objects, with this in mind, Team Barksdale is offering a list of do’s and don’t's for item disposal.

The following are tips from the 2nd Civil Engineer Squadron installation management flight on how to properly dispose of unwanted items.

• Clean uniforms, clothing and serviceable items can be donated to the Airman’s Attic.

• Recycling centers at Barksdale, Shreveport and Bossier City will take items such as cardboard, paper, plastic jugs/bottles, aluminum and tin cans, and other recyclable items with the triangular recycling symbol.

• Electronic items such as computers, appliances, televisions sets, etc. can be recycled at many electronic stores, such as Best Buy.

• Base housing residents are offered designated pick-up days for bulk items such as furniture and mattresses.

• Bulk trash pickup is authorized on Mondays for east side residents and on Tuesdays for main base residents.

• Check with the retailer when purchasing new items, some shops offer recycling programs for old items.

Additionally, responsible disposing of unwanted items keeps trash off the streets and assist with maintaining Barksdale’s beauty.

“It is as simple as reading the information posted on the refuse or recycling containers,” said Al Garza, 2 CES recycling manager. “Dumping at the Base Recycling Center, flight line road or anywhere on base creates an unsightly mess as well as a safety hazard. Following simple rules not only keeps our base clean and beautiful, but it’s the right thing to do.”

Those who don’t follow the right disposal procedures are creating the current illegal dumping issue faced at Barksdale.

“For obvious reasons nobody wants a used mattress, so they are not accepted at donation centers,” Garza said. “A single mattress dumped in or next to a container can cost our base up to $200.00 in disposal fees.”

The 2 CES installation management flight provides tips on what not to do during disposal.

• Recycling center will not accept non-recyclable items such as
- Glass
- Wood
- Styrofoam
- Bricks
- Lumber
- Yard waste
- Construction debris

• Do not dispose of larger items by placing them next to dumpsters
Some examples include:

- Appliances
- Television
- Mattresses
- Furniture

Illegal disposal is not only wrong, it’s also a crime.

“Lately we have had an increased number of old mattresses and tube-type televisions being dumped around base,” Garza said. “Illegal disposal is dangerous to both people and the environment. Lawbreakers can face community service and or fines as high as $25,000 under Louisiana Revised Statute 30:2025.”

Surveillance efforts have been increased to deter illegal dumping on base.

“Dumping is a nasty and illegal habit that needs to be stopped,” Garza said. “We can all help by reporting violators to Security Forces 318-456-2551. Barksdale is our home. Let's take pride in our home and keep it clean.”

For solid waste and recycling information contact 2CES at 318-456-5293.